The Academy of Sport Cave Hill

The Academy of Sport Cave Hill (SCH) aims to attract and retain elite athletes through sport specific, high intensity training and education programmes that will develop athletic and academic skills. We are committed to fostering the personal, professional, intellectual and psychosocial development of student athletes through premium sport programmes that yield prolific personalities.

Alis Grave Nil – nothing is heavy to those who have wings.


One Flies, All Soar

The Blackbird

Gold (Primary)/Black (Secondary)

The Academy of Sport Cave Hill aims to:
  • Continually improve the sport programme
  • Develop facilities that will cater to the changing needs and demands of student athletes at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus
  • Provide coaching opportunities for student athletes
  • Create and maintain scholarships for student athletes who distinguish themselves academically
  • Provide additional avenues for development through sport at Cave Hill
  • Nurture a keen sense of individual and social responsibility within athletic and academic community
  • Engage in meaningful community development through sport so that the UWI produces athletic scholars who give back to the community that has nurtured them
  • Provide a supportive environment that enables our athletes to competently balance athletic excellence with their academics
  • Reward excellence among individuals and clubs through the recognition of successful representation at the national, regional and international level; and further recognition of simultaneous achievement of excellence in both academic and athletic spheres.

Our Mascot - Chilli De Blackbird

After flying to Barbados from Grenada, Jane and Marv Blackbird gave birth to Chilli De Blackbird on May 18th, 1989 in a Mangifera Indica Tree at the Cave Hill Campus. Little did both parents know that Chilli would eventually become a Cave Hill Mascot and be loved by all students enrolled at the University.

In his younger days, Chilli found it hard to make friends particularly because his peers were always intimidated by his intelligence but he could always count on his younger brother Chappy for company.  Even though he did not attend primary school, it was clear that Chilli was a cut above the other birds. From introducing new nest building techniques to food management ideas, Chilli was destined for great things.

It came as no surprise when he decided to attend the Blackbirds Secondary School to lay his educational foundation. Subsequent to his graduation in 2007, he accepted a scholarship offer at the Blackbird Academy of Arts in the US to study dance, a passion that he identified during his teenage years. Chilli was soaring! He eventually returned to Barbados in 2010 and was convinced to join the Academy of Sport Cave Hill as a mascot to excite supporters. He was a natural at that and seized the opportunity to have fun while earning a living. Chilli began working with the Academy at the 2011 UWI Games and has since made a great impact on the sporting culture on campus.

Chilli is a kind and outgoing individual who makes it his business to spread cheer. At times he misses Chappy who is abroad pursuing his studies but his new found ability to easily make friends at Cave Hill substitutes for that. He is a firm believer in education and is always encouraging his brother and the students whom he meets to excel in their academics as well as sports. He always emphasizes the importance of balancing these two areas. A leader of the Cave Hill Blackbirds!