Since the academic year 2003/2004, co-curricular credits were introduced into the academic programmes at the University of the West Indies, as an integral part of the official credit system.
The activities in this programme are designed to give formal recognition to the university’s aim to produce well-rounded graduates, better prepared for their role in society through activities that will promote personal and professional development. Accordingly, co-curricular activities are designed to foster a range of skills – interpersonal, creative, leadership and management, social and professional
Co-curricular Credits in Sport

The guidelines for the award of Co-curricular credits are as follows:
1. Co-curricular credits are optional.
2. Students in Levels II and III are eligible for co-curricular credits.
3. Each student is eligible for no more than 3 credits towards his/her degree for involvement in co-curricular activities.
4.  Co-curricular credits shall normally form part of the required credits for a degree. However, in special circumstances, if co-curricular credits are earned in excess of those required for the degree, these and the associated activity will be incuded on the student's transcript.
5.  Students must be involved in the co-curricular activity for at least one (1) semester.
6. The grading of co-curricular activities shall be pass/fail.
7. No prerequisite is necessary.
The primary aim of this course is to assist students in developing both a theoretical knowledge and a practical competence in their chosen area of sport.
Learning Activities
Students seeking to gain co-curricular credits in Sports are expected to attend or undertake the following activities:
1. Introductory Lectures/Seminars on the importance of sport in the modern world (e.g. economic, cultural, political, healthy lifestyle and personal development)
2. Panel discussion on technical aspects of sport, e.g. proper training and conditioning; treatment of injuries etc.
3. Seminar on an overview of sports in the West Indies with emphasis on a historical perspective.
4. Research in sport of choice.
Student involvement as part of a campus-based team in sport of choice, including on and off-campus competitions.
Sports Offered

The Academy of Sport Cave Hill offers the following sports for co-curricular credit:
  • COCR 2001 Athletics
  • COCR 2002 Basketball
  • COCR 2003 Cricket
  • COCR 2004 Football
  • COCR 2005 Netball
  • COCR 2006 Volleyball

Interested students can register online through CHOL

Programme Coordinator
For more information please contact the programme coordinator, Mr. Rudolph Alleyne at