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Faculty of Sport

Academy of Sport

Our Mission


Alis Grave Nil - nothing is heavy to those who have wings.


One Flies, All Soar


To be an outstanding regional and international academy of sport establishing scientifically based academic and elite training programmes whilst preparing students, athletes, coaches and sport administrators to transform the regional sporting landscape.     


To develop knowledgeable sport leaders (administrators, athletes, coaches) through rigorous and the most up-to-date academic and practical training to shape the future of regional, and by extension, international sport.   

The vision and mission will be supported by: 

  • Establishing stronger links and new relationships with the sporting community both regionally and internationally 

  • Encouraging an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that fosters scholarly activity  

  • Creating a research agenda based on the most relevant and emerging themes which will enrich the academy’s national, regional, and international recognition  

  • Hosting of the second Caribbean Sport Conference and the introduction of a peer reviewed academic journal in sport 

  • Enhancing learning experiences of the diverse student population through personalized approaches, experiential learning experiences, and internships 

  • Aligning the programs and activities with the needs and requirements of the various partners in the sporting fraternity, with the aim of improving the sporting product of the region 

  • Expansion of the academic programs of the Academy of Sport 

    • PhD, MPhil  
    • MSc Specializations in Sport Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Sport Coaching, Sport Management and Sport Therapy 
    • BSc Sport Coaching 
    • BSc Sport Therapy 
    • Short Courses – Exercise Physiology, Sport Psychology and Coaching 
    • Certifications through professional organizations – ACSM, CSCS, AASP, BASES 
  • Increase the sporting product of the academy 

    • Partner with national associations to offer specific sporting certification, training and workshops 
    • Develop an elite “grassroots” sporting programme
    • Introduction of an annual summer camp (Sports & Academics) 
    • Establishing the national tertiary institutions games 
    • Spearheading regional university/college games 
  • Improve the financial viability of the Academy of Sport 

    • Expanding the student enrollment through new academic programs  
    • Securing additional funding for the academic and sporting programs 
    • Reduce operations cost – utilization of more energy efficient equipment; increase sponsorship and partnerships for sports teams 
    • Develop a plan for increased rentals of the sporting facilities 
    • Hosting of national and international sporting events 
    • Augment gate receipts, concessions, merchandising, TV and Radio rights