Q: What sports are offered at the Academy?
The Academy of Sport Cave Hill offers a wide range of sports and activities which includes Aerobics, Track & Field, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Tae Kwon Do and Volleyball.
Q: Do teams play competitively?

Yes. The Cave Hill Blackbirds participate in national leagues and competitions. Currently, Badminton,  Female Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball and Table Tennis are represented.
Q: Do I have to provide my own equipment?

Athletes are encouraged to purchase equipment relevant to the sport that they're interested in, if they do not already have their own equipment.
Q: Are there any fees to participate in sports?

Training for sports and activities is offered free of charge to registered students and staff. As you become more affiliated with a sports club, requisite club fees may apply.
Q: Is there a gym on campus?

Among other sporting facilities on campus, a gym is provided where students can work on strength and conditioningClick here for more info
Q: Can you receive credits for participating in sports?

Levels II and III students are eligible  to register for the Co-curricular Credit Programme, where they participate in a sport and attend lectures for three (3) credits. Click here for more info
Q: When are training sessions?
Most training sessions commence from as early as 5:00pm on evenings.
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Can I participate in multiple sports?

The Academy of Sport Cave Hill allows persons to participate in multiple sports, but it is advised that no student registers for more than they can handle. A maximum of three (3) sports is advised for each student.
Q:  Can I use the facilities outside of regular trainng sessions?

Facilities are available to all registered students and current staff members at no cost. Persons who desire to use them must first make a reservation with the Academy of Sport Cave Hill. Contact us now to do so.
Q: What is the UWI Games?

UWI Games is the major sporting event for all three (3) UWI campuses, where registered students compete for their respective campus in ten (10) sporting disciplines.Click here for more info
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