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Sidney Martin Library


Printing and Copying


There are two machines, one located in the West Indies Collection (WIC), and one on the second level of the Sidney Martin Library.  To use the  machines you must have a VALID UWI ID card and a password.  If your password needs updating, you will need to go to Campus IT Services to have it done.  To use the machines, you must have enough funds in your account.  You can recharge your card from any cashier point on campus, including the Library Cashier located on the ground floor of the Sidney Martin Library.

How to use the EQUITRAC Machine

Enter your UWI ID number and assigned password in the copier.
If the password does not work, please check with the Circulations Desk for help, since reentering an invalid password too often will cause a temporary shut down of the system.
Follow instructions on screen carefully.
When you have finish your photocopying press END.  This is the F3 key.
Please report any problems with the system to the Circulations Desk.  DO NOT attempt to fix problems.



Once a student is registered at the University he or she is automatically given a printing account which has $0.00. To enable printing from any lab on campus students may go either to the cashier in the Sidney Martin Library or the Law Library, present a valid UWI ID card and put a minimum of $10.00 on to the account. 

Below are some frequently asked questions about printing.
Q. What are the printing costs?
A. The current cost of printing (per side) • Black and White - $0.15 • Colored - $1.00
Q. How do I add a printer?
A. To add a printer:
  • one must click on start
  • Go to run
  • Type \\lab-printsrv1
  • Double-click on the desired printer e.g. lab 2 HP Laser Jet 9000
  • Read the message and click yes
Some printers are black and white and some are coloured. Please ensure that you add the appropriate printer.
Q. How do I check the balance on my printing account?
A. To check the current balance on your printing account, click on the icon "printer accounting" located on the desktop of your computer system.
Q. How do I replenish a printing account?
A. To replenish (top up) your printing account you must first go to the cashier in the Sidney Martin Library or the Law Library and pay the amount that you wish to add.
Q. Why is the printer not printing my document?
A. In order to print in the lab a printing account is required. Also check to ensure that there is paper in the printer.
Q. I sent a PDF document to the printer. Why is it not printing?
A. A PDF document has to load into the printers memory before it starts to print.
This takes a few minutes depending on the size of the Pdf file.
Q. I sent a document to the printer, but only 4 pages came out?
A. Check the status of your printing account to see if you have enough funds available to print the entire document.
Please check that there is paper in the printer before sending documents to be printed.