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Sidney Martin Library



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Please check to ensure that items borrowed are returned intact, with all their constituent parts.
Please be reminded that the laws of Copyright and Intellectual Property Regulations must not be contravened. The good standing of The University of the West Indies must not be compromised by the illegal copying of the Audio-visual Library’s materials.


Fines at the rate of $1.00 per day or any part thereof will be charged on overdue items. Clients will not be issued new items until all fines are cleared.


All clients of the Audio-visual Library are liable for any damages/losses incurred while materials are in their possession. This includes items returned without all their constituent parts.
In cases where damaged materials can be repaired, the responsible user will absorb the total costs of such repairs.
Where items are irreparably damaged or lost, the client is liable for the full replacement costs.

CONDUCT IN THE Audio-visual Library

  • No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted in the Audio-visual Library.
  • Users of cellular phones are required to set their phones to vibrate mode to avoid disturbing other users.
  • Clients must not use the Audio-visual Library’s furniture for purposes other than sitting and/or writing.
All persons using the Audio-visual Library are asked to cooperate and adhere to the rules which are in place to provide user access, protect the collection and ensure that the facility provides a more efficient service.

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