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Research Paper

Students will be required to complete a Research Paper as part of the requirements to graduate with the M.Sc. in International Trade Policy (MITP). A critical aspect of the Research Process is the timely submission of all components leading to the full Research Paper as per the below schedule.

Research Paper Schedule
Proposal Outline deadline: October 28. The proposal Outline is a 2-3-page document, which identifies the rationale, objectives and methodology of the research paper and includes a list of the chapter headings and content, and a select bibliography. [See (Nurse et al 2006), General Guidelines for Research Proposals]
  • Each student will make a 5-minute power point presentation (4-5 slides max) to fellow MITP Students making comments and suggestions. A panel comprising the Director, SRC, Coordinator of the MITP Programme and the Trade Research Fellow will also critique the proposals making recommendations for improvement. November 25.
  • Re-submission of proposal outline including incorporation of comments from the Panel – December 16
  • Selection and assignment of Supervisors: November 29. All students will be advised of the name and pertinent contact details of a supervisor.
  • Official Proposal deadline: January 09. The full proposal is a 7-8-page document, which includes a statement of the problem, rationale, objective, methodology, and a detailed chapter outline. [See (Nurse et al 2006), General Guidelines for Research Proposals]
All students are required to present the full introduction and Chapter 1 of the research paper by February 03. 
All students are required to submit a full draft of the research paper by April 07.
  • The completed research paper must be submitted to the SRC no later than July 31 to meet requirements for graduation.
Please note dates can be changed at the discretion of the Centre. 

How to safeguard from plagiarism 
The University allows students to check their papers for plagiarism using the Turnitin software which is available to you through the Graduate Studies and Research Information Portal (GRIP). 

To use the service you must first create a student account as follows:
  1. Contact the School for Graduate Studies and Research by email to for credentials.
  2. Visit the Turnitin website at and click on create account,
  3. Under New Students Start Here in bullet item # 2 click on create a user profile
  4. Below Have You Ever Used Turnitin? scroll down until you see Create A New Account click on student. (Note the credentials will not work in any other instance).
  5. Under Create A New Student Account insert the credentials (i.e. class id and enrollment password), complete the rest of the form and follow the instructions.
You will be able to see your originality report (i.e. the system’s report on your submitted research paper/project/thesis/dissertation) by clicking on the 'show details' link in their portfolio after making a submission.  You can re-submit your paper to this class container as many times as is necessary.