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Mapping the Creative Industries

The Shridath Ramphal Centre (SRC) is pleased to release the fourth edition of our emagazine Caribbean Creatives which is a publication of the Creative Industries Exchange (CIE) webportal ( fourth issue of the Caribbean Creatives is sponsored by the University of the West Indies Chair for the World Trade Organization (WTO). It explores the rarely ventured area of the Creative Economy and its relationship to Intellectual Property as well as the key issues in data collection in the Creative Economy.

The first article by Lydia Deloumeaux of United Nations Educational Scientific and CulturalOrganisation (UNESCO) looks at the current status of data collection and mapping for the creative sector in the Caribbean. Her contribution is followed by, fellow WTO colleagues, Andreas Maurerand Joscelyn Magdeleine who report on the recently concluded WTO/CARICOM workshop ondata collection for international trade in cultural services.

The focus of the magazine then shifts onto sector specific issues. Erica Smith of the Copyright Society of Composers Authors and Publisher Inc. (COSCAP) relates the story of royalty collectionsand its impact upon the development of the regional music industry. Shalisha Samuels adds to the debate by discussing the importance of maximizing local radio content for the survival of theregion’s music industry. Daenia Ashpole looks at the efforts of fashion designers to assure theprotection of their intellectual property within the industry. Maritza Aguilar discusses the need fora more effective intellectual property regime for the promotion of the Caribbean Animation industry.

The next section of the magazine examines the opportunities for the exploitation of creativity through intellectual property. Marsha Cadogan discusses the utilization of geographical indications for deepening the competitiveness of the regional agri-food business whilst  Malcolm Spence addresses the area of industrial design and delves into the novel concept of biomimicry. Sanya Alleyne picks up on this thematic and highlights four Caribbean success stories that have combined creativity and intellectual property to foster innovation and global competitiveness. The magazine concludes with a critical review by Ingrid Persaud of the recently held Calabash International Literary festival.

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Keith Nurse, PhD
Former Chief Executive Officer, UWI Consulting Company;
World Trade Organization Chair at the University of the West Indies;
Coordinator, Creative Industries Exchange;
Former Director, Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy and Services