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Sir Shridath Ramphal

Our Centre is named after the regionalist, educator and author Sir Shridath ‘Sonny’ Ramphal. Sir Shridath is a Guyanese national who has served as the Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (1989-2003), Commonwealth Secretary General (1975-1990), Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guyana (1972-1975), Assistant Attorney General of the British West Indies Federation (1958-1962). He has also held the posts of Chairman of the West Indian Commission (1990-1993) and the first Director-General of the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery currently known as the CARICOM Office of Trade Negotiations. Sir Shridath is the author of several texts notably ‘Caribbean Challenges: Sir Shridath Ramphal’s Collected Counsel’ (2012), ‘Triumph for UNCLOS: The Guyana-Suriname Maritime Arbitration (2008), and ‘Our Country, The Planet: Forging a Partnership for Survival’ (1992). Sir Shridath currently lives in Barbados.