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History of the Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy and Services

The UWI Centre for International Services (CIS) was established in 1999. It was mandated to stimulate the development of the international services sector in the CARIFORUM member countries by increasing the value and volume of trade in services in the region. The CIS allowed the University to expand and deepen its developmental role in the Caribbean. It was a multi-faceted training, research and policy advisory agency.

In the fulfillment of its mandate, the Center hosted specialised activities including short courses, workshops, conferences and newsletters, particularly in the areas of financial services, law and information technology. The CIS has authored publications on Franchising, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Trinidadian Export Capabilities and E-Commerce. The Secretariat of the MITP was merged with the CIS in 2006.

The Centre is named after Sir Shridath Ramphal in recognition of his critical role in shaping the Caribbean’s trade and economic development policies during the early days of independence for the region.