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Student Enrolment and Retention Unit (SERU)

About Us

Welcome to the Student Enrolment and Retention Unit (SERU).  Student success is our business!

SERU is the one-stop information and customer service hub for our students; supporting the student experience from application to graduation.  We provide answers to most of the general queries students have, or connect students with offices where they can get anwers or assistance. We coordinate student recruitment activities, support student  success initiatives, and work with other units and departments to ensure that processes and practices place the needs and interests of our students first.  The SERU also provides student ID cards, student status letters, and serves as the collection point for transcripts and letters of certification.

If you are a prospective student wondering whether the Cave Hill Campus is the place for you; a current student in need of information,  guidance or routine administrative services and not quite sure where to go; or an alumnus wishing to stay connected to our beloved alma mater, drop by the SERU or contact us via any of our communication channels!

The SERU also houses the International Office and the Office of Alumni and Student Relations.


Our Mission 

The Student Enrolment and Retention Unit (SERU) is committed to ensuring that all categories of students of the Cave Hill Campus get prompt and accurate answers to questions, timely solutions to problems and efficient administrative services.   With a strong commitment to student success, the SERU aims to provides prompt and efficient customer service that meets the needs of individual students in an inviting,  friendly and professional atmosphere.  Students can obtain direction with regard to application, registration, financial aid, resolution to course-related problems, accommodations for disabilities, re-entry after withdrawal or leave of absence, and other enrolment-related issues.

Our Vision

To be a ceacon of exceptional customer service at The UWI Cave Hill Campus.

Our Service Values

Attentiveness, courtesy, efficiency, sensitivity, continuous improvement, proactive problem solving
Student Enrolment and Retention Unit
Telephone: (246) 417-4994/4656/4977/4972 Email: