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Faculty of Social Sciences

Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management


BSc. Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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About the Programme

Interested in starting or reinventing a business? Want to take that business global?
A BSc. Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship furnishes you with the problem solving, creative thinking and leadership skills necessary to launch successful innovations and entrepreneurial ventures.

What Will I Study?

You will learn:

  • The fundamental concepts of marketing, finance, production and operations, human resources management and business strategy.
  • Tools to capitalise on market opportunities.
  • How to solve business problems.
  • Elements of social entrepreneurship.
  • How to finance new ventures.
  • Keys to business plan preparation and feasibility assessment.
  • How to develop innovation from the ground up
  • How to present ideas to investors and financial institutions


The Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management is also home to the Student Entrepreneurial Empowerment Development (SEED) Programme which is aimed at encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among students. The programme educates students on the keys to developing a business, how to position themselves to receive financing, and the legislative frameworks surrounding small business operations in Barbados. UWI also partners with CIBC First Caribbean International Bank to host the SEED competition where students in the programme develop and present business plans to compete for funding.


Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include:
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Small Business Manager
  • Research and Development Specialist
  • Innovation Officer
Apply now if these career paths interest you!

Why Study in Barbados

Save thousands on your education while living in paradise! Cave Hill Campus offers affordable tuition while delivering a world class education in just three (3) years. We welcome local, international and regional students.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BSc
  • Duration: 3 years (Full-time); 4 - 6 years (Part-time)


Programme Details

You will do courses in:

  1. Introduction to Management
  2. Introduction to Financial Accounting
  3. Production and Operations Management
  4. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  5. Leading and Managing Technological Developments
  6. Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development
  7. Creativity and Innovation Management
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Our tuition is internationally competitive and we offer scholarships, financial aid and payment plan opportunities to make university education affordable to our students. Click here to view the the Student Financing webpage »

We accept applications from November 1 to June 30. However, expressions of interest are accepted throughout the year. Click here for our Entry Requirements and to Apply Now! ».

Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management
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