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Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management


BSc. International Business with Chinese

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About the Programme

Gain a competitive edge by combining your business skills with a globally demanded language.  A BSc. International Business with Chinese will equip you with critical contemporary knowledge of the global business world, even as you develop a working understanding of the culture and language of China - a burgeoning economic superpower with expanding linkages to the Caribbean region and to the rest of the world. 

What Will I Study?

You will discover:

  • The fundamental concepts of marketing, finance, production and operations, human resources management and business strategy in the local and international context.
  • The challenges of doing business across political and national boundaries.
  • The keys to capitalising on international business opportunities.
  • How to market products and services across differing geographical markets.
  • How to communicate effectively in the Chinese business arena.
  • The elements of Chinese culture which impact the conduct of international business.



Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include:
  • International Business Officer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Logistics Officer
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Trade Mission Coordinator
  • Global Headhunter
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Why Study in Barbados

Save thousands on your education while living in paradise! The Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management offers affordable tuition while delivering a world class education in just three (3) years full time. We welcome local, international and regional students.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BSc
  • Duration: 3 years full time; 4 - 6 years part time



As a Cave Hill student, pursuing a BSc. Management with a Concentration in Marketing and an employee at a marketing and procurement subsidiary of an international company having to liaise with distant managers, the course in International Business contributed greatly to my knowledge and understanding of key concepts  as it relates to company expansion outside of domestic markets, cross-cultural differences, logistics and supply management and international marketing.
The methods of teaching and course material have played a very crucial role in my learning and success.  Tutorial sessions comprised of in-depth case study discussions, an online forum and a project guided by Dr. Nicole Knight which not only expanded my knowledge but prompted me to use it very creatively.

I believe with the changing landscape of business; technological advancements and increased globalisation the world is becoming one marketplace and this course is essential to everyone; entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

 Crystal Mars-Noel 
Graduate - BSc. Management with Marketing

Programme Details

You will do courses in:

  1. International Finance
  2. International Relations
  3. International Marketing
  4. International Business Management
  5. Chinese Language IA
  6. Introduction to Contemporary China
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