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Faculty of Social Sciences

Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management


Bachelor of Business Administration (ONLINE)

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About the Programme

Business is a key factor in shaping and operating the modern society. It influences how technology, resources, economy, consumer behaviour, and global competition evolve and interact. To succeed in this dynamic environment, students need to have a broad and deep knowledge of the global business landscape, the emerging markets, and technology-enabled organisations. In this way, a business administration degree can lead to diverse career opportunities in a wide range of specialty areas, from finance and international business to management, marketing, operations and strategy.

The Bachelor of Business Administration will be delivered synchronously online. It offers students rigorous and analytical pedagogy in the fundamentals of business and general management across core subject areas. It provides the business foundation that students need to be successful in their careers through the development of practical and professional skills in management, leadership, operations, finance, data analytics, and strategic planning. In this manner, the first year of the programme will comprise introductory courses including economics, mathematics, statistics, management, accounting, and information technology.

What Will I Study?

The overall objectives of this programme are to produce graduates who:

1. Have the management expertise and quantitative knowledge needed to navigate today’s most demanding business challenges.

2. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of core business functions across a wide variety of disciplines including general business administration, finance, operations. and marketing.

3. Demonstrate a broad range of managerial capabilities, problem solving and communication skills.

4. Can apply functional knowledge to solve practical business problems.

5. Possess strong analytical skills to make data-informed business decisions.

6. Are next-generation leaders and managers with well-rounded professional profiles.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BBA
  • Duration: 4 Years Part-Time


Programme Details

Course content will include:

  1. Business Law
  2. Organisational Behaviour
  3. Human Resources Management
  4. Business Communications
  5. Fundamentals of Business Analytics
  6. Principles of Marketing
Full course list available soon.

This programme is self-funded.

Our tuition is internationally competitive and we offer payment plans to make university education available to our students.  

Programme Fees (as at March 2024) =BDS $54, 000.00 or USD $27, 000.00                                                                     
University Registration Fees (as at March 2024) 

These fees are as follows:

Amenities Fees - BDS $960.00 / US $480.00

Guild Fees - BDS $120.00 / US $60.00

ID Card (One time Fee)

(First Year Only) - BDS $30.00 / US $15.00

Please note that fees may be adjusted for academic year 2024-2025

Students must satisfy the following general requirements for admission into the Faculty of Social Sciences:

  •  Minimum of five (5) CSEC (CXC) General Proficiency (Grades I-III) or GCE subjects
  •  Compulsory - English Language, Mathematics
  •  Passes in at least two 2-unit CAPE subjects/two GCE Advanced level subjects or the equivalent OR An Associate Degree from an approved Tertiary Level Institute with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or above

Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management
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