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The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) was established in August, 1999 as a research and graduate teaching institution. It provides an integrated teaching and research program in the following areas:

  • Social Policy;

  • Governance and Public Policy;

  • Economic Development Policy.

The Institute focuses on issues relevant to small developing countries operating within a dynamic international environment.

Objectives of the Programmes

The MPhil and PhD degree programmes are research oriented and normally requires the candidate:

  • To show satisfactory knowledge of the background of the subject;
  • To write clearly and in a logical and ordered fashion;
  • To use appropriate research methods and techniques competently;
  • To display an ability to analyze critically and evaluate independently the relevant literature and related material;
  • To make an advance in knowledge of the subject.

The PhD degree programme requires the candidate:

  • To achieve the same objectives as specified in the M.Phil. degree programme;
  • To make a significant original contribution to knowledge;
  • To produce a thesis which is worthy of publication.

MSc Development Studies (Mona Campus ONLY)

The MSc Development Studies is a new and exciting one-year (two years part-time) programme coming from the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES). It replaces the previously taught degrees in Governance and Public Policy, Economic Development Policy and Social Policy. The MSc in Development Studies truly fulfills the UWI’s strategic vision geared towards producing the ideal graduate with the requisite leadership training and an interdisciplinary grasp of the social sciences.

In addition to a firm grounding in contemporary social, political and economic affairs, the degree features a novel leadership seminar, a practical in-course approach to research methodology and a very useful technical writing seminar. Significant space is made available for the selection of electives from across the UWI, so that prospective candidates can, with the assistance of the SALISES faculty, design their own degree to suit existing or prospective job requirements.

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