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Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies


The UWI-Global Belt and Road Research Network is an interdisciplinary research group engaged in informing and evaluating deepening cooperation and the emerging development partnership between China and the wider Caribbean region.


The network serves to stimulate discourse, dialogue and debate on the various dimensions of Caribbean-China relations and provide a platform for the sharing of ideas between public, private and academic actors. 
Through seminars, symposiums, conferences, policy forums, partnerships with academic institutions and research centres, the network endeavours to generate independent research and produce scholarly work on the critical interactions among China, the Caribbean and the Global South.

Importantly, this in depth analysis will enable Caribbean policy makers in their efforts at planning and fashioning appropriate policy frameworks as they engage with the Belt and Road Initiative.


The scope of the research addresses global themes across disciplines that concern the development challenges and potential for Caribbean states and the Global South.

Investment, Trade, Economy 
Development Finance and Investment Instruments
Trade Law
Business Alliances and Partnerships

Caribbean International Relations 
Geopolitics and Foreign Policy
South-South Cooperation
CARICOM-China Relations
US-China Relations and the Western Hemisphere
Environment, Sustainable Development, Infrastructure, Technology 
Project Management      
Technology Exchange
Cooperation for Sustainable Development
Renewable Energy