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Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies

SALISES Research Collaborations

The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute's research team collaborates on publications which delve into the areas of social, economic and political matters. Listed below are recent publications which can be found in the General Office of the Institute in the CARICOM Research Building, at the Cave Hill Campus.

Research  Collaborations - Book CoverResearchers have been grappling with finding an adequate means of defining poverty since the 19th Century, yet no universal consensus exists today. Much of the debate has been concerned with whether poverty should be defined in absolute or relative terms. Today, most countries use income as a measure of poverty, and the extent of poverty in a country is assessed on the basis of a poverty line, as is the case in Barbados.
(Authors: Corin Bailey; Jonathan Lashley and Christine Barrow)


Living in the Present: Caribbean Youth Not in Education, Not in Employment and Not in Training
(Authors: Don Marshall; Jonathan Lashley and Halimah DeShong)
In Laurence Telson, Cynthia Marie Hobbs, Maria Jose Flor Agreda and Leslie Hunter (Eds.) Masculinity in the Caribbean: Why Does It Matter?, Washington, Inter-American Development Bank. 2019, p.117-176.

JECS Cover

Barbados at 50: National Values Assessment Survey
(Authors: Don Marshall, Corin Bailey, Jonathan Lashley, Latoya Lazarus, Karen Lord and Jamal Smith).
Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies 42(1), 2017, p. 1-68.

Youth are the Future: The Imperative of Youth Employment for Sustainable Development.
(Authors: Jonathan Lashley, Don Marshall, Corin Bailey, Charmaine Crawford, Latoya Lazarus and Karen Lord)
Barbados: Caribbean Development Bank, 2015. (160 pages)(single blind review) Monograph.