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Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies

Seminar Series 2010 - 2018

Integrity in Public Life, the Public Trust and Anti-Corruption Systems – Adriel Harris.
Home Care of Older Persons with Disabilities in Trinidad: Investigating Households’ Views – Bephyer Parey.

The Slowing Down of the Engine of Growth:  Was W. A. Lewis Right about Global Economic Crises and Small States? - Keith Nurse.

Contemplating Futures in Caribbean Development Policy - Don D. Marshall.

In Defense of the Family: The Framing of Christian Mobilization in Barbados - Latoya L. Lazarus.

Corporal Punishment in the Caribbean, Attitudes and Practices - Corin A. Bailey.

Exploring the Free Movement of Persons Policy and Regional Integration in CARICOM - Tatianna Rodrigues.

The CSME at Ten Years: A Call to Reflect, Remodel & Reinvigorate - Kai-Ann Skeete.

That Area of Expertise that We Term The New World: Introducing Sylvia Wynter's 'Black Metamorphosis' - Aaron Kamugisha.

Caribbean Women and Crime: Recent Findings on Pathways into Offending and Incarceration among Dutch Caribbean Women - Katharina Joosen.

Towards a New Governance - Owen S. Arthur.

Scripts of Citizenship: Property and Access in St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Saskia Scotland.
Some Thoughts on Caribbean Varieties of Capitalism and Possible Policy Implications - C. Justin Robinson.

Ownership Structure, Financial Management and Capital Market Development in the Caribbean - Stacey Estwick.

Some Considerations in the Provision of Public Transportation in Barbados - Stephen Harewood.

Neo-liberalism, 21st Century Caribbean General Elections and the Post-Colonial Development Challenge - Tennyson Joseph.

Caribbean Public Policy: Re-imagine - Don Marshall.

Tourism, Trade in Services and Global Value Chains: The Case of Barbados -  Keith Nurse.
Caribbean Development Theory and Praxis: State of the Art - Don D. Marshall.

FDI, Growth and the OECS Economic Integration Scheme - Clarence Henry.

The Intercultural Caribbean: Study Abroad and Overseas Immersion in and beyond the Region - Ian Craig.

Caribbean Integration Law: Individual Rights in CARICOM - David S. Berry.

Sexual Rights and Religion: Is There Room for Christianity at the Table? - Latoya L. Lazarus.

Minimising Expected Misclassification Cost When Using Support Vector Machines for Credit Scoring - Terry Harris & Curtis Gittens.
Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Violence: A Feminist Analysis of Control, Coercion and Rape against Vincential Women in Violent Heterosexual Relationships - Halimah A. F. DeShong. 

Markets, Morality and the Common Good: Reflecting on Citizenship in the Caribbean - Don D. Marshall.

Barbados: Modern Economic Growth in Nations without Borders - Jay R. Mandle.

Variations in Levels of Violence among Poor Communities in Dominica: Is Social Capital an Agent?- Kyra S. Paul.

The Success of Rehabilitation amongst Male Offenders in Barbados 1998-2004: Implications and Recommendations - Jonathan M. Yearwood.

A Caribbean Perspective on the Global Competitiveness Index and Report - Andrew S. Downes. 

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