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Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies

Seminar Series 1990 - 1999

Labour Flexibility in Barbados: A Survey Report - Andrew Downes

Dangerous Thoughts: A Barbadian Epistemological Dialectic - Margaret Brito (Graduate Student)

Optimal Deployment of Emergency Ambulances in Barbados, in the Presence of Constraints on reliability. - Stephen Harewood

Building Institutional Capacity for Policy Dialogue in the Caribbean Private Sector: A Discussion of the Issues. - Deryck Brown

Health Sector Reform: the Barbadian Experience. - Danny Gill.

Debating the Asian Financial Meltdown - Don Marshall

Labour Market Issues in Barbados: An assessment - Andrew S. Downes

Sustainable Development and the Small Open Economy: Theory and Measurement - Eisenhower Douglas

Pollution and Capital Markets in Developing Countries - Nlandu Mamingi

Determining the Potential for Growth through trade among Developing Countries - Denny Lewis

Preliminary Test of Market Efficiency for Barbados Stock Exchange - Justin Robinson.

Negotiating from Behind: Selling Public Assets in Trinidad and Tobago - Deryck R. Brown

Strategies for Poverty Reduction in the Caribbean: How to be Effective - Neville C. Duncan

Asymmetry in Asset Returns and the Implications for Optimal Asset Allocation - Justin Robinson

Organizational Readiness for performance Improvement: The Case of the Sanitation Services Authority - Simon Best.

Male and Female Earnings in the Caribbean Economy of Barbados: A Human capital Perspective - Addington Coppin

Balance of Payments Crises and Policy Options: the Case of Barbados - Kelvin Dalrymple

Gender and Reproductive Health in the Caribbean - Sheila Stuart

Tax Policy and Unbalanced Productivity Growth: A Theoretic Approach. - Roland Craigwell; Clyde Mascoll

Testing a Model of Tax Policy and Unbalanced Productivity Growth in the Barbados Economy - Clyde Mascoll.

A Model for Development of Optimum Tourism Performance - Stanley Reid

Female Participation in the Barbados Labour Market:a Post-Independence Perspective - Addington Coppin

‘Ten Days in October’: the Grenada Intervention, 1983 as seen through the Eyes of Canadian Parliamentarians - Noble E.C. Power

Good Governance: Success Stories from Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana - Neville C. Duncan

Future Fiscal Policy and Productivity in the Barbados Economy - Clyde Mascoll.

The Economy of a Small Island State: Malta, 1960-1963 - Lino Briguglio

Differences between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management: which Model is more Appropriate to the Public Sector’s Reform Effort? - Simon Best

Run into the Sand? The Limits of Growth in Barbados - M.K. Anyadike-Danes

Is Tourism Sustainable in Small Island States? - Klaus de Albuquerque

Non-Traditional Services in Selected Caribbean Countries: Financial Services Software Development - Sylvia Charles.

Bank Lending to Firms and the Nature of Credit Rationing in Barbados. May - Anthony Wood

The Future of Trade Unions: A Global Challenge. May - Don D. Marshall

The Services Sector in the Caribbean Economies: Some Development and Management Issues. May - Sylvia Charles

Priorities for Research and Intervention in Reproductive Health and Population in the Caribbean: Results of Interviews with Experts. June - Caroline Allen

A View of Tomorrow: Attitudes and Perceptions Among Barbadian Youth - Richard C. Carter

Crime and Punishment: The Attitudes and Experiences of Barbadian Youth - Richard C. Carter

Electoral Administration in the Commonwealth Caribbean - Patrick Emmanuel.

Questioning the "Extended to Nuclear" Thesis of Family Breakdown in Barbados. February - Richard C. Carter

Entrepreneurship in Barbados. March - A. Diane Cummins; Maxine P. McClean

Counterculture as an Analytic Construct of Youth Behaviour in Barbados. April - Richard C. Carter

Recent Trends in the Demand for Telecommunications Services: the Barbadian Case. April - Sylvia Charles

Changes in the Global Political Economy and the Irrationality of the Existence of Trade Unions in the Anglophone Caribbean: the Case of Barbados. June - Don D. Marshall

Reproductive Tract Infections: Towards a Research Agenda for the Caribbean. June - Caroline Allen

Decline of Community, Decline of Youth Behaviour: Causation or Coincidence. October - Richard C. Carter.

Incentives and Industrialization in the Eastern Caribbean. January - Patrick Emmanuel

The Challenge to Commonwealth Caribbean Trade Unionism in an Age of Restructuring. February - Linden Lewis; Lawrence Nurse

The Implications for Public Administration of a Windward Islands Political Union. March - Patrick Emmanuel; Kenny Anthony

Further Analysis of the Caribbean Export Performance. April - Arnold McIntyre

Global Restructuring and Merchant Capital: The Limits of Black Nationalism and Economic Democracy in Barbados . May - Hilbourne Watson ( Howard University)

CARIBCAN's Impact on the Caribbean: An Analysis of Export Trade. May - Sylvia Charles

The Vulnerability of Female-Headed Households: Paradoxes and Paradigms: A Caribbean Perspective. June - Joycelin Massiah.

Youth and Development in the Eastern Caribbean. March - Linden Lewis.

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