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Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies

Seminar Series 1975 - 1979

Pricing Policy and Systems to Govern Regional Agricultural Trade. January - John Mayers

Community Development in an Era of Paradigm Shift: a Caribbean Perspective. - Arthur Stinson (Carleton University)

The Burden of Income Taxation in Barbados March - Michael Howard.

Research Priorities for Income and Employment Generation in the Eastern Caribbean. - British Development Division in the Caribbean

The Implications of Size for the Development of Small States: A Research Proposal for a Programme of Research on the Economic, Sociological and Governmental Dimensions (with reference to the Leeward and Windward Islands and Barbados) February - Dawn Marshall, Patrick Emmanuel, Bernard Codrington

The Caribbean Public Enterprises Project. - John Mayers, Bernard Codrington, Sylvia Charles, Simon Best

Farm Management - Bernard Yankey (Caribbean Development Bank)

Adjustment Processes in a Dependent Economy - Wendell McClean.

Tourism and Employment in Barbados. January - Dawn Marhsall

The Effects of Land Value Taxation on Land Use. February - Bernard Codrington

Intermediate Technology and its Implications for Development - Prof. S. Slaby (Visiting Researcher)

The Problems of Specialist Libraries: the Library of the ISER(EC). March - Audine Wilkinson

Household Sample Surveys: the Caribbean Experience. May - John Mayers

Changes in Barbadian Social Structure, 1860-1937. June - Celia Karch (Visiting Researcher)

Social, Economic and Political Indicators of Change in the Caribbean. June - Patrick Emmanuel

Women in Barbados: Some Demographic Aspects of Their Employment. - Joycelin Massiah.

Caribbean Integration Arrangements and the Developmental Requirements of the Windward and Leeward Islands. January - Sylvia Jackson

Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Demand for Transportation: Some Theoretical Considerations. February - John Mayers

The Conception of Class Among Urban Middle-Class Jamaicans. March - Jack Alexander (Visiting Researcher)

An Approach towards a Comparative Study of Caribbean Politics: Some Comments. May - Patrick Emmanuel.

The Shortage of Entrepreneurship - Sir Arthur Lewis

Inflation in Barbados 1970-74 - Martin Cox

Occupational Choice and Mobility of Workers in Tourism in Barbados - Andy Taitt & Dawn Marshall

Land Utilization and Economic Development in a Small, Densely Populated Country. April - Bernard Codrington

A Note on the Criteria and Methodology Used in Assessing the Possible Benefits and Costs to the ECCM

Countries From Participating in the Caribbean Integration Scheme (CARICOM). - Sylvia Jackson

Political Integration in the Leeward and Windward Islands. May - Patrick Emmanuel

Urbanisation in Barbados. June - Ronald Gooding

Some Aspects of Small Business in Barbados. July - Antonio Pilgrim

An Approach to Employment Statistics. October - Andy Taitt

In-Migration as a Consequence of Tourism: the Bahamian Experience. November - Dawn Marshall

Theoretical Perspectives of Development Change. November - Randolph Cato.