The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

Publications: Working Papers

Working Paper Series No: 2/2008

Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: A Development Stage Approach
by Jonathan Lashley

Working Paper Series No: 1/2008

The Potential Impact of a Minimum Wage on Poverty and Income Distribution in Barbados
by Rudolph Browne, Winston Moore & Shernel Thompson

Working Paper Series No: 1/2007

Price Cap Regulation of Telecoms in Barbados: A Preliminary Investigation
by Hallam Hope & Winston Moore

Working Paper Series No: 3/2006

Fear and Policing Violent Inner-City Communities in the Kingston Metropolitan Area
by Corin Bailey

Working Paper Series No: 2/2006

The New International Architecture and Caribbean OFCs: Confronting Financial Stability Discourse
by Don Marshall
Working Paper Series No: 1/2006

The Evolution of Sexual Discourse and the Influence of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic on Caribbean Analysis: A Case Study of Barbados
by Philip Nanton

Working Paper Series No: 3/2000

The East Asian Financial Meltdown and the Fate of Contemporary Capitalism: A Discussion Paper
by Don Marshall

Working Paper Series No: 2/2000

Public Sector Organizational Readiness for Performance Improvement: The Case of the Sanitation Services Authority
by Simon Best

Working Paper Series No: 1/2000

The Rise of a Business Class: From Immigrants in a Colonial State to Entrepreneurs in a Contemporary Society
by Dave Ramsaran

Working Paper Series No: 3/1999

Building Institutional Capacity for Policy Dialogue in the Caribbean Private Sector: A Discussion of Issues
by Deryck Brown

Working Paper Series No: 1/1999

Determining the Potential for Growth through Trade among Developing Countries
by Denny Lewis

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