The University of the West Indies (UWI), at Cave Hill, Barbados

The University of the West Indies

at Cave Hill, Barbados

Research Ethics

Application Self Checklist
Application Content Checklist
  • Does the application state the purpose of the study?
  • Does the application describe the subject population?
  • Does the application state the tasks the subjects need to complete?
  • Are the subjects placed at risk?
  • Has the researcher made provisions for minimal risk?
  • Does the scientific merit of the study merit placing subjects at risk?
  • Are there provisions for the care of subjects in the event of an accident or complications related to the procedures?
  • Does the proposal identify how confidentiality will be preserved?
  • Are there provisions to obtain approval from appropriate authorities (e.g., parents, school officials, company officials, etc.) related to the study?
  • Do informed consent forms meet the criteria? If not, is justification provided?
  • Has the investigator described the procedures used to obtain informed consent or justified why it will not be used?
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Application Technical Completeness Check List
  • Have all questions on the IRB Human Subject Review Form been addressed?
  • Completed Online Training with CITI Course
  • Attach copies of written consent, permission, and/or assent forms, or oral consent script
  • Attach copies of study materials and instruments (e.g., questionnaires, data forms)
  • Attach copies of recruitment materials (e.g., scripts, advertisements)
  • All required inked signatures have been obtained
  • If other agencies or institutions require PI approval, attach originals of letters of cooperation or approval from those organisations.
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