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The process of developing a proposal or application for funding can be daunting.  As the project owner, you have a good idea of the importance of your proposed project but now you must convince funding agencies that they should allocate their shrinking and limited resources to your project. Where do you start?

This section of the website provides information to help you through the process of proposal preparation: from idea stage to completing the proposal.

Start by creating a Concept Note which is like an Executive Summary.  This will help you to develop the proposal in-line with the type of information that funders are looking for.

While you are preparing the Concept Note, start identifying organisations whose funding priorities are in line with your proposed project. Find Funding by searching the websites of various funding agencies or databases that list funding opportunities. But also, use your network to find out about funders that might be interested in your project. Or if you are responding to a Call, ensure you read and reread the funder’s instructions very carefully making note of their specific requirements.

If you would like feedback on a draft proposal or Concept Note, you can receive help from a peer who has successful grant experience.  This is done through the Grant Proposal Peer Review Group - a virtual group of UWI colleagues who have volunteered to help colleagues through the process.  Click here for information on how to access this service ».

Check this website frequently to learn of any workshops or other events on proposal funding.
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