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About Research Support

The aim of the Research Support website is to provide a single space on the Cave Hill Campus where staff and students can access guidance, information and other sources of help in the preparation of successful research or project proposals for funding.

In the long term, the site will provide additional support for researchers.

Here, you will find information related to the following types of funding proposals:
  • Response to Request for Proposal (RFP), sometimes referred to as a Call, from funding agencies and donors;
  • Research proposals, where staff or students have an idea for a research project and then seek funding to implement the project;
  • Non-research proposals, such as, funding to start a new degree programme, to build institutional capacity or to offer specific services to students;
  • Collaborative proposals which involve staff from Cave Hill Campus, other UWI campuses and or other universities and institutions.
The Research Support website and related efforts are managed by the Office of the Principal, Cave Hill Campus, The University of the West Indies.

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Research Support
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