About the Office of the Principal

The Principal  has overall responsibility for the academic, administrative and financial management of the Campus. In addition to the Principal, the Office includes an executive assistant, a personal assistant, a stenographer clerk and a secretary.

The following specialised offices report directly to the Principal:

  • The Office of Business Development (OBD)
    The OBD acts as the campus’ corporate interface with the external community. It has been established specifically to build partnerships with Government, the corporate and donor community, and UWI alumni.
  • The Office of Marketing and Communications
  • The Confucius Institute
    The aim of the Confucius Institute is to provide Chinese language and cultural training resources to foreigners as well as to facilitate cultural and educational exchanges.
  • The Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy and Services (SRC)
    The Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy and Services (SRC) formerly the Centre for International Services (CIS), UWI, Cave Hill Campus, is the premier postgraduate trade policy training institution in the Caribbean.  The Centre’s flagship Masters in International Trade Policy (MITP) Program is internationally-recognized for its leadership in practical, policy-relevant training on the trade and development challenges for small and vulnerable developing economies.  The SRC is also actively engaged in the development and promotion of policy research on the trade and development challenges of the region and focuses on both food security and international trade issues and on the region’s forward trade policy agenda.
  • The Academy of Sport
    The Academy of Sport provides opportunities for all students to engage in healthy, wholesome sporting activity through its intramural programmes. The Academy also facilitates the participation of the UWI Blackbirds in the national leagues across several sporting disciplines. In addition to its sporting programmes, the Academy of Sport developed three academic sports programmes which are delivered at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex. These include the Certificate in Management and Administration of Sport, BSc Sports Sciences and MSc Sports Sciences. In 2012, the Academy of Sport negotiated the first ever double degree with the University of New Brunswick in Canada, to deliver the MSc Sports Sciences programme.

Office of the Principal
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