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Student Charter
About the Student Charter
Our Student Charter outlines the shared commitments and responsibilities of UWI Cave Hill students and staff. We are working together to ensure a high quality educational experience so that the Campus can produce graduates who are:
  • Qualified – equipped to successfully pursue employment, entrepreneurship or further  study.
  • Well-rounded, global citizens – demonstrating personal and social awareness, and transferable skills
  • University advocates – motivated, as a result of their positive Campus experience, to promote The UWI and commit to its long-term success

Established in 2013, the Student Charter supports the University’s Mission, Vision and Core Values and draws on commitments that are fully defined in Campus and University Policy, procedure and planning documents.
Download a copy of the UWI Cave Hill Campus Student Charter [PDF].

Working Together
It’s going to take a joint effort to ensure that, in a few short years, you will become a qualified, well-rounded graduate, who is proud of your alma mater.
Let's get you Qualified
Our Role: Your Role
We're turning out Well-Rounded, Global Citizens
Our Role Your Role
Carefully considering, and actively participating in, non-academic learning activities
Making you a proud UWI Advocate
Our Role Your Role
  • Providing fit-for-purpose learning resources.
  • Delivering administrative, technical, professional and support services for students.
  • Providing student amenities.
  • Providing quality customer service.

Find out more about how you can contribute to fulfilling the Student Charter when you attend orientation forums and events.