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Security & ID Cards

The Cave Hill Campus is a relatively safe environment.  

However students are strongly advised to follow normal safety procedures, e.g.:

  •  be careful when travelling near wooded areas on the environs of the Campus,   
  •  avoid walking alone near these areas in the late evening and at night,
  •  accept car rides only from people you know,
  •  report any suspicious person or activity to the Campus Security personnel,
  •  secure all personal belongings, and
  •  make sure your rooms are locked before leaving home/Halls.

Students on Campus in the evening or on weekends, or in areas around Campus that are deserted, who wish to be walked to their vehicle should feel free to call the Security Department at 246-417-4003 and request this.  

The Security Department operates 24/7 and personnel are posted in many areas of the Campus.

ID Card
As a safety and security measure, all students are required to visibly wear Student ID Cards while on the premises of the Campus.  Students will be refused entry to buildings on Campus including examination rooms, and will not be permitted to use the Campus' Shuttle Service if their ID card is not visibly worn.  
Note that the ID card fee of $30.00 is NON-refundable.

ID Card Collection
Information related to the ID card collection dates and points will be posted.

Loss of Card / Replacement Card 
If you lose your card you must report this  immediately to the Student Records Section and request a replacement card.  The cost of a replacement card is $30.00.