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New Students

Your Faculty Handbook: Your guide for registration and beyond

The Faculty Handbook is your guidebook to all the important information, faculty rules, and regulations you need to know to ensure a successful journey through your programme.  Your Faculty Handbook complements the general Student Handbook which contains more comprehensive information on the university and the campus as a whole.
Make sure to download the Faculty Handbook for your year of entry, and refer to it often.  Faculty Handbooks for 2023/24 should be available in due course.
In the video below, Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mrs Sonia Mahon, explains the importance of Faculty Handbooks and how they should be used. 

The link below takes you to the page where Faculty Handbooks can be downloaded.  Handbooks for your year, 2023/24, are not yet available and should be uploaded shortly.  In the interim, to get a headstart, you may peruse the handbook for last academic year since most of the general information will be the same.  We will alert you when the new handbooks become available.