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New Students

Understanding the Academic Structure (Undergraduate)

You have received the offer of a place to follow a specific programme as outlined in your acceptance letter.

  • Did you know that each programme falls under a Department within a Faculty?
  • Do you know which Department or Faculty manages your programme?
  • Do you know where to go when seeking guidance on academic matters?

Read ahead to find out more about the academic structure of Faculties and Departments within which degree progammes are delivered.

Faculties, Departments & Programmes (Majors)

By referring to your acceptance letter you should be able to confirm the name of the programme (major) for which you have been accepted and the Faculty to which you belong.

The table below shows how each Faculty is structured and the names of the Departments within each Faculty. The table also includes a few examples of the programmes taught in the Departments. You belong to one of them!

Faculty of Culture, Creative & Performing Arts
  • Department of Cultural Studies
  • Department of Creative & Performing Arts
B.A. Caribbean Studies
B.F.A. Creative Arts
B.F.A. Dance
B.F.A Music
Faculty of Humanities & Education (FHE)
  • Department of History & Philosophy
  • Department of Language, Linguistics & Literature
  • School of Education
B.A History
B.A. French & Spanish
B.A. Linguistics
B.A. Literature
B.Ed. Early Childhood Care and Education
Faculty of Law Dean’s Office LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)
Faculty of Medical Sciences Dean’s Office B.Sc. Health Sciences
M.B.B.S Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery
B.Sc. Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Faculty of Science & Technology (FST)
  • Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences
  • Department of Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics
  • Caribbean Institute for Meteorology & Hydrology
B.Sc. Biochemistry B.Sc. Ecology
B.Sc. Software Engineering B.Sc. Information Technology
B.Sc. Meteorology
Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology
  • Department of Management Studies
  • Deans Office
B.Sc. Economics
B.Sc. Banking & Finance
B.Sc. International Relations B.Sc. Sociology
B.Sc. Accounting & Finance B.Sc. International Tourism Management
B.Sc. Social Sciences
Faculty of Sport
  • Academy of Sport
B.Sc. Sport Science B.Sc. Sport Coachin
NB - For most Faculties, only a few of the programmes offered are listed above by way of example.


Faculty Organisational Structure

Now that you have a general understanding of where your programme sits, here is an overview of how the Faculty functions:

The Dean - All Faculties have a Dean. This is the individual at the highest level of authority within the Faculty.

Deputy Deans – All Deans have Deputy Deans assigned to particular functions, but there will be one who oversees student matters in the Faculty. Make sure you know who this person is.

Heads of Departments - In those Faculties which have multiple Departments, each Department has a Head who oversees academic matters.

Lecturers - Within each Department they are Lecturers. These are the individuals who teach courses within a particular discipline and who also serve as Academic Advisors.

Tutors/Lab Assistants – Most Departments will also have Tutors or Laboratory Assistants who assist the lecturers in teaching and assessment of courses or labs.

Academic Advising

Academic Advisors play an extremely important role in guiding you through your degree programme. They provide guidance regarding the courses you should register for and when they should be taken.

All new students will receive academic advising during Registration Week. Further information and the registration week schedule will be sent to you from the Admissions Office. During this week, you will be introduced to the Dean, your respective Head of Department (where relevant) and receive guidance on academic advising sessions.

As you progress in your degree programme, you may reach out to your academic advisor, Head of Department or the Dean/Deputy Dean. Your academic advisor, in conjunction with your Faculty Handbook, will provide the guidance required to complete your programme successfully.

After the registration period has ended and you need to contact one of these individuals at any time during the semester, please note that all Departments and Dean’s offices have administrative staff whom you may contact to request appointments.

Click here to download "Understanding the Academic Structure" [PDF] »