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New Students

Selecting Courses on CHOL

Registration Terminology

As you prepare for Registration it is helpful to familiarise yourself with the technical process for selecting your courses on the CHOL platform.  This will help you to know what to expect. 

The registration period lasts about three weeks with a main Registration Week during which you are expected to register and an additional period during which you can make adjustments to your registration, if necessary.
You will hear many terms that may be unfamiliar, but which you will need to know to ensure that you complete the registration process successfully during this period.
Visit the Registration Terminology page and become familiar with the main terms related to registering for courses.  

Selecting Your Courses

Now that you are clear on key terms, visit the Registration Instructions page for a step-by-step of the course selection process.»  Remember that you cannot complete the course registration process until you have paid your University Registration Fees (Amenities Fees, Guild Fee, Science Fee (FST students), PAPP Fee, and ID Card Fee).

Potential Registration Errors and What to Do

In the process of registering for courses the system may indicate that there is an error that prevents you from registering.  Closer to registration we will post here a list of common errors and what to do if you experience any of them.  If you encounter an error that is not on the list, you should contact the Student Affairs, Admissions Office at 1 (246) 231-5309.