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What to Bring with You

When You Arrive in Barbados
Before leaving home, you should review the Barbados Immigration Website and note carefully those items that you are not allowed to bring into the country, those which are permitted free of customs duty, and those that are permitted for personal use only. 
The reverse side of the Immigration form which you complete on or before arrival in Barbados is a Declaration Form.  You must list on that form the items that you are bringing into the country.  
As is common practice worldwide, you are subject to search by Customs officials even though you state that you have nothing to declare.

You must travel with your offer letter and evidence of financial means. The Barbados Immigration Officer is entitled to inspect these documents.

For your room
If you have arranged to live in a Hall of Residence you will be provided with basic furnishings. Each room has a bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers and a clothes closet.
You will need to purchase items for:
the bedroom (linens for a single bed and curtains),
the bathroom (linens, toiletries) and
the kitchen (utensils, including cutlery, and a small pot).

You can purchase these items after arrival in Barbados or you can bring these with you if you prefer.
Don’t forget to bring your special (small) reminders of home. You may also wish to bring small souvenirs to exchange with your new friends during Freshers’ Week.

Prescription Drugs
If you are on prescribed medication, make sure to bring adequate supplies and to travel with your original prescription.  Most prescriptions can be filled at local pharmacies. 

Barbados is a tropical island fanned by sea breezes. The island is cool with annual temperatures between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius.  During the summer the climate can be quite humid, so clothing should be lightweight.
Most lecture rooms are air-conditioned and students normally wear tee-shirts with jeans or shorts to classes. Sometimes, Lecture rooms can be chilly, so a lightweight sweater is helpful.  You should travel with at least one semi-formal outfit.
Food Items
Everything you will need is likely available in Barbados, but imported items often cost more than you may be accustomed to paying at home.