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Immigration Requirements for Student Visas
All non-Barbadian students are required to obtain a student visa.  To comply with the Immigration requirements, new students must submit the completed application forms (H-1 and H-2) along with the following:
  • (1) passport size photograph with white background (must be wearing a top with sleeves),
  • a clean clear copy of the bio page of your passport
  • a clean clear copy of your Birth Certificate, and (if your Birth Certificate is not in English, an English translated one must accompany same)
These documents must be submitted with your acceptance forms (hard copies only) so that processing of the visa can be completed before arrival into the island at the start of the Semester. (Please note also that a return ticket is required when travelling.)
Please visit or
Download and print your H-1 and H-2 forms. Please note areas for completion below.
H-1 Form
1.      Top of form with name, date of birth, country. (Those 2 lines)
2.      Question 2
3.      Question 5a
H-2 Form
1.      All questions from 1-10
2.      On the last printed area of the H-2 form, please sign your name and enter the date.
         Under the signature area, please put the Barbados address.  If no Barbados address is known at time of completion,           leave area blank.   Please do not put N/A on the form because all questions are applicable.
It is important that you state your source of financing at question 5 eg. loan, scholarships, government, parents, self etc. and submit proof.
AN APPLICATION FEE OF BDS$300.00 (US$150.00) is required by all students whose country do not contribute to the University’s recurrent budget.  This fee may be paid via CHOLBANK DRAFT or INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER made payable to The University of the West Indies will also be accepted)


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