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Getting Around


The Campus Map and the Campus Room and Building Locator will help you navigate the campus. 

Physical maps of the Campus are also posted in strategic locations.

To and from the main Campus

There is a student-only shuttle service available on Campus.  You need to present a valid student ID card to use this shuttle service. 

The shuttle times and routes are provided on the Office of Student Services(OSS) website.

Regular Bus Service

Getting around in Barbados is relatively easy as there are a number of different modes of transportation from which to choose.  These are:
  • Government-owned buses which are blue with yellow stripes and carry the letters "BM" on their licence plates;
  • Privately owned minibuses which are yellow with blue stripes and carry the letter "B" on their licence plates; and
  • Small privately owned route taxis which carry the letters "ZR" on their licence plates.

The fare to ride on any of these is Bds $3.50 one way. Services are available up to around 11:00 pm daily.