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New Students


Registration is the process by which you formally select the courses you will take each semester and pay your fees.  This is done online via CHOL.
Before you select your courses, you are expected to meet with an Academic Advisor (undergraduate students) or programme coordinator (graduate students) in your Faculty to discuss your programme, your individual circumstances, and the recommended courses to take in your first semester.   PLEASE NOTE that you will not be able to select your courses on the CHOL system until you have paid your University Registration Fees (this includes the Amenities Fees, Guild Fees, Science Fee (FST students), and ID Card Fee).
Your registration is not complete until you have paid your University Registration Fees AND your Programme Fees, or made suitable arrangements with the Bursary through the Student Accounts section, concerning the payment of your Programme Fees. (See the Paying Fees section for more information on fees and payment options.
The Campus offers a Registration Buddy System in which trained continuing students help new students through the registration process.  This is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.
The information via the links below will help you prepare for Registration: