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Financing: Special Notes for Undergraduate Students
Your offer letter and the financial booklet would have indicated whether your programme is University Grants Committee (UCG)-funded or self-financing
  • Use the financial booklet or the Tuition and Other Fees website to determine all fees that will apply for Semester 1 and pay these in full ahead of registration week. 
  • Note that any additional balances created if you add or drop courses during the period January 11th – 28th, 2022 or if you register late must be settled immediately thereafter.
If you need a statement at any time you can request one from the Bursary in person or by email to
All fees are set by University Council and are subject to revision every year. The Financial Information for Undergraduate Degree Programmes booklet can be downloaded from the Tuition and Other Fees page.

Full-time or part-time?
In some Faculties fees are calculated based on whether you are full-time or part-time according to your course load.  Your course load and therefore your fees could vary from semester to semester. 
Full-time or part-time status is determined by the regulations of the Faculty into which your programme falls, and the course load you plan to undertake.
If you are in the Faculty of Culture, Creative & Performing Arts, Faculty of Humanities & Education, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Science & Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Sport and you are taking a course load of twelve (12) or more credits per semester, you will be charged the full-time fee.
Students taking fewer credits / courses in any of these four faculties are classified as part-time and are charged fees on a per-credit basis. Part-time students can register for a maximum of three (3) courses per semester.
Students in the MBBS in the Faculty of Medical Sciences are charged a fixed fee every semester.  This is not calculated by credit hour.
Other fees/expenses for Undergraduates to consider
In addition to your programme fees you must make provision for:
  • University Registration fees (Bds $1080.00)
  • Producing your term papers and research papers (approx Bds$600.00)
  • Return airfare
  • Settling in expenses (Approx Bds$500.00)
If you have a scholarship / bursary be sure to bring adequate funds to cover at least one month’s expenses pending receipt of your scholarship emoluments.

Special note to Barbadian Undergraduate Students in UGC-funded programmes
The Barbados Government pays 80% of the programme fees (called the Economic Cost) and the 20% balance (called The Tuition Fee) for its nationals in UGC-funded programmes for the minimum period required for a first undergraduate degree. If you need to enter a payment plan you should visit the Fees and Financial Aid pages at for guidance.  
If the Barbados government has not agreed to provide sponsorship for your undergraduate degree programme, you will be responsible for payment of 100% of the programme fees.
Special Note to Students from Trinidad and Tobago
The Government of Trinidad and Tobago provides Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) to cover a portion of the tuition cost for undergraduate degree programmes at Cave Hill.

Students must apply on-line to GATE before the start of each semester to ensure that their programme is eligible for GATE funding.

The GATE programme has been revised effective August 2020. Students should visit the website or call  800-GATE or email for further information.

For further information on GATE or HELP consult Welcome To GATE eService (