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Starting your journey at Cave Hill Campus is an exciting time but it can also be stressful and filled with questions. We hope the information on this page will provide all of the answers you are looking for, but if your question is not listed, please feel free to send an email to We will respond to you as soon as possible.




Q. Is there help for me with the transition to student and Campus Life?

A. The Office of Student Services  offers a number of programmes designed to help new students acquire the academic and personal skills to be successful throughout their university journey and beyond.

Q. What non-academic programmes exist for new undergraduate students? 

A. The three programmes that exist are:
  1. - Strictly First Years (First Year Experience)
  2. - RAPS (Reasoned Action For Problem Solving) & PACE (Personal Academic Career Enrichment)
  3. - Vision and Fortitude
1) Strictly First Years is a programme offered specifically to first year undergraduate students. Click here for more information »
You can sign up for this programme on Orientation Day at the Office of Student Services booth at the Orientation Fair.  Participants are selected on a "first come, first served" basis.

2) RAPS (Reasoned Action for Problem Solving) and PACE (Personal Academic Career Enrichment) are psycho-educational groups that allow all students to interact and problem solve around common issues related to academic and personal concerns. Click here for the RAPS and PACE schedule »

3) Vision & Fortitude is a student empowerment programme that focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual development through motivational sessions and community outreach activities. Click here to read more »

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Q. Do I need permission to host a student event on Campus?

A. Yes. You must obtain permission from the Director of Student Services before any event can be held on the Campus.
For more details on this, visit the Student Events Section of the Student Services website.

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Q. What do I do if I become ill?

A. All registered students are covered by a Student Medical Insurance plan.  Medical attention for all registered students is provided through the Student Health Clinic located on Campus between the Bookshop and the Guild Offices. Clinic hours are 8:30am - 9:00pm, Monday to Friday and you must produce your Student ID to receive attention. The Student Health Clinic website available here gives further information on the services provided and contact details.  The schedule of benefits is available on the Health Insurance page.

Q. What should I do if I get ill when I am off-campus or if I have a medical emergency?

A.  Barbados has a number of private and public medical facilities including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and several Polyclinics. The QEH option is best used in cases of emergency or during hours when the Student Health Clinic is closed. Note that students will have to pay upfront for all private medical services sought.  In the case of public medical services, depending on the situation, you may have to pay upfront for services received.  In both cases you should seek reimbursement afterwards under the CARICARE Medical Insurance plan. 


Note that the QEH Ambulance Service can be reached at emergency number 511.  Alternatively, in case of an emergency, you can visit the Sandy Crest Medical Centre, a private facility located in Holetown, St. James that offers a 24 hour service.

You MUST present your student ID card to the medical provider at the time of the visit and request a Sagicor Health Insurance form to facilitate reimbursement of your bills.

Q.Can I get my normally prescribed drugs in Barbados?

A. Yes. You can obtain certain drugs prescribed by a Medical Practitioner of your choice or the panel of doctors from the Student Health Clinic. You are reimbursed up to 80% of the cost through the Student Health Insurance plan.

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Q. What is counselling?

A. Counselling refers to a relationship which is built between a trained counselor and client/clients. It aims to assist the client to identify and understand his/her biopsychosocial environment and to reach self determined goals. These goals are achieved through making effective choices in resolving emotional and interpersonal problems.

Q. What do counsellors do?

A. 1) Counsellors offer support and help to empower you to make effective choices.
2) Counsellors help you to develop a better understanding of your circumstances.
3) Counsellors assist you to develop alternative ways of managing your challenges.

Q. Where can I get personal counselling if I need it?

A. Counselling is provided by the psychological counsellor and the career counsellor in the Office of Student Services, located in the Student Entrepreneurial Empowerment Development (SEED) Building, next to the Campus Bookshop.
- The psychological counsellor can be reached at Tel: (246) 417-4169.
- The career counsellor can be reached at Tel: (246) 417-4168.

Go to the Counselling Website for more details:





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Q. Where can I seek assistance if I run into financial difficulty?
A. If you encounter unexpected financial difficulties or need guidance in managing your money contact the Office of Student Services for advice. 


Q. Are there any scholarships available?
A. Yes. The University of the West Indies administers a number of University scholarships and bursaries, as well as other scholarships, exhibitions, and bursaries from government organisations, local firms, service clubs and individuals. Awards are available to undergraduate students who are nationals of CARICOM countries which contribute to the University’s budget and who are accepted to pursue full-time degree programmes.  A few postgraduate scholarships are also available.

Awards vary in value and criteria for eligibility and are usually awarded on an annual basis. 

See for details on Undergraduate and Postgraduate scholarships opportunities. 

Deadlines for scholarship applications will be posted throughout the University and added to the Student Calendar as they become available.



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Q. Is there a schedule for the student shuttle?

A. Yes.  The Office of Student Services can provide a schedule or you can click here for  details »


Q. Does the shuttle provide a door-to-door service?

A. No. Approved drop off points are conveniently located within a five mile radius of the University and are set according to statutory regulations.  The routes are available online, click here to view »


Q. Is the shuttle service available for tours?

A. Yes.  Tours can be arranged on request and on a fee for service basis, subject to availability.  Please direct queries to the Office of Student Services.

Q. Do I have to pay for the shuttle service?

A. No.  Your amenities fees assist in the provision of the shuttle service. However, in order to use the service you must show your up to date Student ID Card.

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Q. What fun and extra-curricular activities are available on Campus?

A. There are several opportunities for participation in Campus life through several clubs and societies.  These activities are coordinated through the Guild of Students – the recognised student government on Campus.  During Freshers' Week a number of these clubs and societies will have display booths on the lawn obliquely opposite the Guild lawn. 
Visit the Campus Life page and contact the Guild of Students for more information at or (246) 417-4534.


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Q. What is Freshers' Week?

A. Freshers’ Week is a fun-filled week of activities planned by the Guild of Students designed to welcome new students to our host country and to the lighter side of Campus life. These activities provide excellent opportunities to get out, find out, hang out and make friends. So come and enjoy the fun.

Freshers’ Week of Activities include:

  • - Church Service
  • - Meet and Greet the Guild Council
  • - Registration Assistance
  • - Food Sale – Guild Lawn
  • - Taste of Barbados – Guild Lawn
  • - Operation Hot Chocolate - Hot Beverages offered to students - Guild Lawn
  • - Cricket Match – President’s vs. Principal’s XI
  • - Latin Lime – Student’s Union
  • - Poor Man Soup (Charity Event) – Semi-Formal Affair
  • - Guild Reception – Back Balcony - Upstairs Guild
  • - Island Tour & Pool Party

All activities are subject to change. Activities will be uploaded to the Student Calendar as they become available.

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