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Campus Life
Campus life
Life at the Cave Hill Campus is an exciting, culturally diverse, transformative experience. Here, we are athletes, activists, adventurers, musicians, dancers and researchers. Cave Hill offers many opportunities to indulge our passions.

Since Cave Hill is a melting pot of local, international and regional students, you are guaranteed opportunities to interact with people from other countries and cultures with varying socio-political views. Be it a new food, language or music, Cave Hill is sure to provide a culturally diverse learning experience for any new student to enjoy.
Friendly competition anyone?
Be a Blackbird and join one of Cave Hill’s 14 sporting and recreation programmes. From cricket to chess, and Tae Kwon Do to tennis, our sporting programmes will ignite the inner competitiveness within all our Blackbirds. At Cave Hill: One flies, All soar!
Let’s talk about Clubs and Associations
Students have countless ways to pursue their interests outside of the classroom. With over 100 Clubs, Societies and Associations, we urge you to engage in campus life; join one of these clubs and explore your passion. 
How can you become involved?
Through our career development, community outreach, leadership and other academic support programmes, Cave Hill supports students’ development into professionals with strong leadership skills, who understand and can navigate the trials and opportunities of the global market.

The First Year Experience Programme is a unique opportunity for new students to engage in campus life through fun filled learning activities and discover their potential, while forging meaningful and lasting relationships.
Want to unwind after studying?
Life is great at Cave Hill! Not only do we take our academic life seriously, but we also know that healthy social interactions promote student development. With our stimulating cultural activities, "limes" and social gatherings, the weekends are bursting with opportunities to unwind and meet new friends.
Island Nights
Each Island Association has its own week of activities, which includes an interesting mix of culture, food and fun on any given day. Listen out for the Friday night limes and keep your ears to the ground for the climax of UWI Carnival, which usually takes place in March. 
Did we say Carnival?
Yes, yes we did. The Guild of Students hosts UWIVAL once a year, usually during the month of March. UWIVAL offers an explosion of culture, music, and artistic expression, as students highlight their creativity in event planning and costume design, while having tantalizing fun.  
What if you prefer something else?
The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination and the Confucius Institute routinely host theatrical productions that are open to all. Various student clubs and societies also host productions, which are open to the campus community.
What services can you find on Campus?
On Campus you can find a large number of services. These include:

Healthcare - provided by the Students Health Clinic.
Food - Campus Cafeteria, Food Kiosk and Campus Mart.
Academic Libraries - five academic libraries for all your research needs.
Postal Services - authorized FedEx location in the Book store.
Counselling Services – problem solve around your professional and personal development
Disability Services – accommodation services including assistive software, learning devices, testing and examinations under special conditions, transportation around Campus.
Students Helping Students – students who are trained to offer support to other students
Need to find your way around?
Use the Campus Map or the Campus Room and Building Locator to pin-point your destination.
Have more questions?
Review the frequently asked questions, email us at, or check out the Student Knowledge Base, if you need more information.