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Meet the Faculty

The Power of Partnership

Dr. Dwayne Devonish and Dr. Dion Greenidge are but two of the brilliant young academics making strides at the Cave Hill Campus.  However, their emphasis on sharing each other’s academic journey is what sets them apart. Fuelled by a strong research partnership and a resilient friendship, both have made a meteoric rise from Research Assistants to Senior Lecturers in just over a decade. 

In that time, Dr. Greenidge and Dr. Devonish have managed to produce a notable body of academic research, win the admiration of their students and complete masters and doctoral degrees in industrial and organisational psychology from Nottingham University (UK).   In fact, both men made the sacrifice to travel to the United Kingdom to attend the other's PhD defense and graduation ceremony!

When asked to explain the speed with which they have broken into top tier international journals, and their globally competitive scholarly indexes, Dr. Greenidge notes that he can always depend on his colleague’s profound yet precise writing style to simplify his often complex thinking and modelling.   Dr. Devonish concurs - he not only loves to write, but has a driving passion to share knowledge. 

Their expertise in quantitative research methods has also been a defining factor.  Both lecturers are well known for the great excitement derived from sharing new statistical techniques with each other.  Colleagues across the Faculty of Social Sciences have also benefitted from their statistical prowess. To ensure that students across the globe benefit from his ability to simplify research concepts, Dr. Devonish recently published a text entitled 'Nuts and Bolts of Research Methodology' with Drs. Nadini and Indeira Persaud.

The expertise of both lecturers is in increasing demand both locally and internationally. Dr. Devonish has spent the last couple of years working with trade union leaders in Barbados to develop a National Workplace Wellness Policy, and this set of standards and guidelines gained the endorsement of the Parliament of Barbados in mid 2019.  He envisions that the effective implementation of a national policy for employee wellness (physical, social and psychological) can eventually translate into much needed increases in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  His expertise in strategic planning, organisational restructuring and productivity enhancement is also being demanded by organisations across the region.

Meanwhile, Dr. Greenidge is making a global mark in the area of personality (psychometric) assessment.  He was part of an international team commissioned to develop the Voluntary Work Behaviours Scale.  The Hierarchical Personality Assessment Questionnaire (HIPAQ) which he self-developed has been translated into Mandarin, and has brought him to the attention of firms in UK and Latin America seeking expertise in personality assessment, and in the measurement of emotional intelligence. A significant amount of the collaborative work published by the duo has been in the area of emotional intelligence.

Dr. Greenidge is also proud of his psychometric work done in Barbados.  He has been commissioned by the Grantley Adams International Airport to conduct scientific testing of applicants for the post of Air Traffic Controller.  The assessment is broad based and includes personality, cognitive and neuropsychological measurements.  A simulation experiment is also incorporated to ensure that the individuals chosen are a right fit for the job.  
At Dr. Devonish's UK graduation.

Looking to the Future
Both Drs. Devonish and Greenidge want to play their part in building Caribbean scholarship through the supervision of MPhil and PhD students. Now the Head of the Department of Management Studies, Dr. Greenidge serves as Supervisor for three doctoral students in the areas of leadership, workplace bullying and innovation and international competitiveness.  He believes that workplace bullying has the potential to grow as a area of research.  

 Dr. Greenidge is also intrigued by personality as exhibited in workplace settings and whether it differs from that displayed in other social situations.  

Dr. Devonish intends to continue to make his mark by looking at the many drivers of workplace wellness including employee morale, workplace bullying and the physical and cultural environment.  He is currently working with a PhD student on the relationship between job insecurity and wellness, and welcomes proposals from potential doctoral students in this very exciting area of research.  

Life Lessons
Both Drs. Devonish and Greenidge hail from the somewhat stigmatised area of Black Rock in Barbados.  Dr. Devonish believes that this upbringing has taught him to be more appreciative of his fellowman, and credits his grandmother for her unswerving support. Dr. Greenidge gives credit to his parents and to his siblings.   

There is no doubt that making the decision to pursue first degrees at the Cave Hill Campus was the start of great things for both men.  Their success story is a clear indication that the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies is a place where illustrious minds meet and form academic and business partnerships that impact the Caribbean and influence the world.
Fast Facts:
  • Dr. Devonish writes poetry and short stories and loves a good movie.
  • Dr. Greenidge loves to watch football and to exercise. He is also a TV series buff

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