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Meet the Faculty

The Poetic Economist

Can a poet of national acclaim in the Democratic Republic of the Congo also be one of the world’s leading environmental economists? Most certainly. Look no further than Cave Hill’s Professor Nlandu Mamingi. 

A Journey of Academic Excellence
Born in the French-speaking African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Professor Nlandu Mamingi did his undergraduate degree at the University of Kinshasa before taking up a scholarship to pursue a Masters degree at the International Institute of Social Studies of the world famous Erasmus University in the Netherlands.This scholarship was awarded by the Netherlands Foundation Fellowship Programme (NFP) and established with primary purpose of attracting top international talent to pursue graduate degrees in that country. 

He then moved on to complete doctoral work in economics at the State University of New York.  His thesis provided radical insight into what is known as the Granger Causality Distortion in the context of aggregation over time and earned him a publication in the prestigious journal known as Economics Letters.

Professor Mamingi had the honour of being hired straight out of his PhD programme by the World Bank in Washington, D.C. where he served a total of four years in multiple posts, including that of Econometrician to the International Finance Division of the Development Economics Vice-Presidency.

A Distinguished Cave Hill Career
Having always dreamed of living on a small island, Professor Mamingi was presented with the opportunity to move to the Caribbean when in 1996, a Barbadian-born secretary at the World Bank showed him an advertisement in The Times for a Lecturer in Economics  at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.  The rest is now history.

Professor Mamingi has had an illustrious career at the Cave Hill Campus. Research Gate – a social network for scientists and researchers - informed the Professor in early 2017 that he had reached the milestone of having his publications, many of them in top economics journals, cited an impressive 1000 times by other economists and development experts.

Professor Mamingi serves as a Reviewer for some of the more prestigious economics journals including:
  • Journal of Econometrics
  • Journal of Development Economics
  • Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
  • Journal of Environmental and Economic Management
  • Ecological Economics
  • International Journal of Forecasting 
Though econometrics is his primary area of expertise, and the subject in which he has published a textbook, the Professor is strongly inclined to researching the pressing issues of the Caribbean region; a place he now fondly refers to as his home. He is still eager to understand the true drivers of sustained economic enfranchisement and growth for all segments of Third World society.

Professor Mamingi’s economic valuations of the region’s precious tourism-related assets have helped to establish him as a global leader in environmental economics.  
"La Pointe de Cheateaux."
He recently completed the valuation of the world famous La Pointe des Châteaux, a peninsula in the island of Guadeloupe, with unique flora and fauna that attracts over 500,000 visitors annually. 

Much More than an Economist
“Economics is in my head, but poetry flows from my soul.” Pen and paper are fixtures next to his bed, as entire poems will often come as he transitions between sleep and wake during the night hours.

Poetry is an expression of the anguish sometimes felt from being separated from his country during normal times as well as in the times of war and unrest.  La Dernière Note (The Last Note) captures the pain of being unable to share in the passing of beloved relatives who stayed in his home country. His creative writing also provides a platform for protesting against the social injustice found in the world. Professor Mamingi now holds seven poetry compilations to his credit; published through prominent publication houses in France, Senegal and Congo Brazzaville. 

Affirmation came in 2011 when he won the first prize for his work entitled ‘L’Avant-dernier épitomé’ in the 50th anniversary of independence celebrations of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The award is especially prestigious, given that the Congo is home to approximately 70 million people.  

The Lighter Side of Professor Mamingi
Professor Mamingi lives by two philosophies. He is careful to remind himself and others that we are all responsible for creating our own happiness.  He also believes that it is better to let someone else sing your praises, rather than doing it yourself.

The Professor loves his family dearly, and speaks fondly of his wife and children.  Relaxation is found through watching a game of football.  Though Cave Hill's poetic economist retired from being a full time lecturer in 2018, he is still delivering courses in his areas of specialty.  So remember to keep an eye out for him as you traverse the hallowed corridors and beautiful landscapes of our campus.  

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