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Meet the Faculty

The Cave Hill Campus has a dynamic and diverse group of experts, doing cutting edge research in a wide and increasing range of disciplines.  Join with us as we take a glance at their academic and professional accomplishments, life experiences and research interests.

Not One, Not Two, But Three Cave Hill Degrees!

Dr. Helene Zamor

Dr. Hélène Zamor remembers the exact date she arrived in Barbados to attend The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. It was September 9th, 1993. Three degrees later, she is still here. Few persons can boast of having read for three degrees at the Cave Hill Campus and then returning to the same Faculty to teach. But Dr. Hélène Zamor, a native of Martinique holds that special honour.

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The Power of Partnership

Dr. Dwayne Devonish and Dr. Dion Greenidge

Dr. Dwayne Devonish and Dr. Dion Greenidge are but two of the brilliant young academics making strides at the Cave Hill Campus.  However, their emphasis on sharing each other’s academic journey is what sets them apart. Fuelled by a strong research partnership and a resilient friendship, both have made a meteoric rise from Research Assistants to Senior Lecturers in just over a decade. 

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A League of Her Own

Dr. Halimah DeShong

Dr. Halimah DeShong came into this world with a literal burst of energy.  She was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the same day that the La Soufriere volcano last erupted. It is therefore no surprise that passion and enthusiasm characterise everything that Dr. DeShong is and does. She describes herself as being a spirited individual who has a strong love for family, friends and students and an unswerving commitment to social consciousness and social justice.

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The Language Warrior

Dr. Jason Siegel

Caribbean creole languages have traditionally been championed by linguists born in the region and schooled at the UWI. That was until the day Dr. Jason Siegel arrived at the Cave Hill Campus.

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The Poetic Economist

Prof. Nlandu Mamingi

Can a poet of national acclaim in the Democratic Republic of the Congo also be one of the world’s leading environmental economists? Most certainly. Look no further than Cave Hill’s Professor Nlandu Mamingi. 

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Fighting Lifestyle and Health Challenges through Computer Science

Dr. Mechelle Gittens

Dr. Mechelle Gittens is one of a kind. She is the lone female Senior Lecturer in the group of distinguished academics attached to the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics at Cave Hill.

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Breaking New Ground in Biochemistry and Cancer Research

Dr. Shane Austin

Words like bioenergetics and metagenomics roll effortlessly off the tongue of Dr. Shane Austin, a young biochemist and cancer researcher in the Faculty of Science and Technology, at the Cave Hill Campus.

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Connecting Cave Hill to China

Dr. Yanhua Li and Ms. Xuejing Zhang

Cave Hill’s Confucius Institute has taken the world by storm. Success must be accredited in significant part to the work of its teaching faculty including HSK Co-ordinator, Dr. Yanhua ‘Lisa’ Li and Volunteer Mandarin Teacher Ms. Xuejing ‘April’ Zhang.

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Advocate, Law Lecturer & Master Mooter

Mr. Westmin James

As a law student at the Cave Hill Campus, Westmin James distinguished himself as a champion of the moot (student) court. When he returned as a Law Lecturer in 2012, Mr. James quickly set about solidifying Cave Hill’s position as an internationally acclaimed institution for student mooting.

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Theatre and Teaching with Passion and Soul

Dr. Yvonne Weekes

Dr. Yvonne Weekes from the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination is that unique combination of highly trained teacher and master craftswoman.

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Connecting Cave Hill to the Spanish-Speaking World

Dr. Ian Craig

After finishing a doctoral degree in Hispanic Studies in 1997, UK born Dr. Ian Craig felt an overwhelming drive to move to Spain. Several study abroad experiences to the neighbouring country during his time as a university student had only served to whet his appetite for full immersion into the Spanish language and culture.

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UWI Trained Epidemiologist and Ebola Warrior

Dr. Angela Rose

Having completed a PhD in Epidemiology at the Cave Hill Campus in 2017, Dr. Angela Rose now holds the globally prestigious position of Senior Epidemiologist for the French company EpiConcept.

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Unravelling Disease Dilemmas through Biomedical Research

Dr. Thea Scantlebury-Manning

Refuse to be sidetracked by her tiny structure and gentle voice. Rather, take note of the fact that Cave Hill’s biomedical researcher Dr. Thea Scantlebury-Manning already has a number of ‘firsts’ under her belt, and is on course to leave an indelible mark on the field of biochemistry.

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