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Sidney Martin Library


Membership Fees

Borrowing Loan Policy and Procedures Fines

Sidney Martin Library (SML) Outside User Policy
Eligibility to use the SML for purposes of a space to study by members of the public is not granted.

Eligibility to use the SML for Reference purposes only is granted under the following conditions:

    -   Members of the UWI Alumni.
    -   Persons conducting research in their capacity as employees of private and government institutions.
    -   Private and/or governmental institutional membership with a limit to 6 employees per institution.
    -   Six form students (weekend use only) who need to conduct research.  Request to be supported by
         letter from relevant tutor of their school.
    -   Graduate students attending overseas universities who are specifically conducting research of a
        Caribbean nature.  Request must be accompanied by a letter from Supervisor with details on the nature
        of research being conducted.
    -   Faculty from overseas universities conducting research.

Eligibility for Borrowing privileges is granted in exceptional cases and is considered on a case by case basis.