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Sidney Martin Library


Bindery and Repair Unit

The Bindery located at the Sidney Martin Library was established in 1978  to provide binding and repair services to the library and the campus. Located on the ground floor near the library’s main entrance, the Bindery maintains the library’s print resources in good condition. It is equipped with a wide range of specialized tools, equipment and binding materials which allow for a range of services to be offered. Staffed by two persons, the binding services include:

In house binding and repair of books.
The repairs range from the simple repairs of loose pages to replacement of damaged book spines or book covers. Repairs can be done to hard and soft covered books.  Theses, research reports and project documents can be professionally bound. Archival boxes for the storage of fragile and rare material can be constructed and gold lettering provided for special items.

Comb binding and lamination.
Comb binding is provided for a wide range of documents including research papers and reports.

Commercial binding services.
Binding services are offered to organizations and individuals including repair of textbooks, family bibles, hymnals and portfolios.

You are also advised to consult the staff of the Bindery ahead of time to determine how long your particular project will take, since this depends on how busy the Bindery is at any given time. Below are details regarding services and related fees.

Details Fees ($)
Laminating 8” X 11” 5.00
  13” X 17” 13.00
  12” X 36” 20.00
Comb Binding 1-50 Pages 5.75
  51-75 Pages 8.00
  76 -100 Pages 11.50
  101-150 Pages 14.00
  151-200 Pages 17.25
  201-300 Pages 25.00
Theses Professionally Bound 80.00 Hard covered and lettered
Printing Black 25 cents      Colour $1.00
To submit a request and for additional information contact the Bindery at (246) 417 - 4452.
Email:  Bindery