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Sidney Martin Library

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Computer Use Policy

UWILink – Online Public Access Catalogue

A number of library computers are available for accessing UWILink.  These are located on the first and second floors of the library and are to be used ONLY to search the library’s online catalogue and other e-resources. Students are NOT to use these machines for any reason other than that specified above. This includes the preparation of assignments; browsing the Internet; and accessing any social networking sites.
Students are further advised that altering of the homepage; downloading of data of any kind and the placing of any storage device on any of the library computers (for e.g. memory stick, CD disk) constitutes a breach of the correct use of these machines, and anyone found engaging in such activities may be asked to leave the library.

Computer Lab

A Computer Lab is provided for students’ use on the third floor of the Main Library.
Students are required to sign the booking sheet from the lab attendant under the number of the machine they are going to use. The machine is allocated to the student for one hour in the first instance. However, the student may continue this use after this hour has passed if there are no other students waiting to use the machine. The student must sign the booking sheet again to continue to use the machine for the additional hour.

The machines are to be used by students to facilitate research, work on projects etc. The lab attendants will monitor the students’ use of this equipment to ensure that it is not used in an inappropriate manner. They will also assist in resolving any simple problems students might encounter with the computers or the printing of documents.

Students must only use the lab machines for the purpose assigned and in the manner outlined above. They are also required to log off the machine after use. Students are asked to refrain from downloading software of any kind on these machines and from indulging in any action or behaviour which may result in damage to the machines.  

No food or drink of any kind is permitted in the Computer lab, and students are asked to observe it as a “Quiet Zone”. Failure to observe all the rules in relation to the use of this facility could result in the student being asked to leave the library.

Please note that from time to time the lab will be used for teaching purposes and therefore unavailable to students. A notice indicating the times the lab will be unavailable will be posted on the door.