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Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning


CPDLL offers customised short courses and programmes that can be tailored to suit your business or ogranisational needs. Specifically, we provide:
  • Short courses and programmes for a group of employees, delivered at the client’s worksite or at the Cave Hill Campus
  • Customised Leadership or Executive education courses and programmes based on content from our UWI degree programmes
  • Workshops to be included in an existing organisational programme or team event
  • Programmes for International groups coming to Barbados which include both classroom and site visit experiences.

Customised Leadership and Executive Education programmes for Local, Regional, and International Clients

The CPDLL will work with our local, regional and international clients to develop integrated programmes that meet the needs of their organisations. Programmes can include contributions from various subject-matter experts, practitioners, and leaders in the field.

Programmes that are delivered locally typically comprise of morning academic teaching sessions and afternoon practical sessions (e.g. site visits, visiting speakers, workshops), and may also include some tourist activities.

The CPDLL team also works with regional and international institutions, organisations and governments to offer short courses and programmes in their home country. 
Programme Content

CPDLL offers short courses and programmes on a wide range of subject areas that draw from the University's expertise including:
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Data analytics
  • Cultural Studies
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Gender Studies
  • Government, Sociology and Social Work
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology/Computer Science
  • Language, Linguistics & Literature
  • Law
  • Leadership and Management
  • Medical Sciences
  • Project Management, Programme Design and Evaluation
  • Resource Management and Environmental Studies
  • Tourism
To learn more about our customised programmes, or to begin customising a short course or programme for your organisation, email us at with the subject: ‘Customised Programme Request [place organisation name here]’.