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Project Management, Programme Design and Evaluation

Quantitative & Qualitative Methods for Planning, Monitoring & Controlling Projects


The best project outcomes are often a consequence of careful project planning and strict and effective monitoring during the implementation stage. There are several tried and proven qualitative and quantitative methods for project planning, monitoring and control, which if applied, can significantly increase the probability of project success. This course will introduce you to a broad range of seldom-used, already built-in capabilities in common project management application-driven tools and techniques. The overall intent of this course is to provide you with the knowledge to improve their own project outcomes and to encourage them to introduce change through their own efforts and through mentoring others.

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face

What will I Learn?

By the end of the course, delegates should be able to:
  • Transfer applicable parts of their learning to their work environment;
  • Utilize the results of their efforts to communicate with, and teach others to use, the available quantitative and qualitative methodologies;  
  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis and use the resulting findings to inform communications and engage stakeholders when intended project outcomes are likely to generate resistance to change;
  • Articulate the benefits that new tools and techniques in knowledge sharing and knowledge management add to project outcomes.

Who Should do this Course

Project Managers, Programme Managers or Coordinators, Project Officers, Chief Project Engineers, Product Managers, any Managers or Supervisors of project work done in teams, Senior Managers with project outcome accountability.

Important Information


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At a Glance

  • Admissions Term: 2019/2020 Semester II
  • Date: June 1st- 6th, 2020
  • Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 5pm-8pm; Saturday, 9am-5pm
  • Duration: 4 days (16 hours)
  • Certificate Awarded: Professional Development Certificate of Competence
  • Course Code: PDLL 111
  • CEUs: 1.6
  • PDUs:16
  • Capacity: 20
  • Cost: BDS $2,630 (US $1,315)

  • Core Quantitative & Qualitative Tools & Techniques (9) for Development of Project Plan (PLANNING Process Group)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Tools and Techniques
  • Forecasting and Decision-making (Simulation) and Short Test

1) minimum bachelor or technical undergrad degree required;
(2) some experience with preparing schedules and/or preparing budget forecasts, managing quality and risk on formal projects at work or outside (e.g., community, church, local school)
Examples of possible titles: Project Manager, Programme Manager or Coordinator, Project Officer, Chief Project Engineer, Product Manager, any Manager or Supervisor of project work done in teams, Senior Managers with accountability for project deliverables or results.

- Face-to-Face delivery, lecture, group and individual exercises, one simulation, a short test on setting up a project in MS Project with bolt-on’s at the end of the course. 

Priscilla Glidden, PhD

Dr. Priscilla Glidden currently holds a BA in Economics (received from the University of Massachusetts) and a Ph.D. in Management (received from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Dr. Glidden served as a Senior lecturer at the UWI for many years, where she was the Programme Coordinator for the MSc. Project Management & Evaluation, as well as the MSc. Building and Construction management. Additionally, she holds a PMP from the Project Management Institute and a Microsoft Institute Certificate in Advanced Project Management software scheduling.
Dr. Glidden has published numerous texts, chapters and papers, and has over her career, developed and conducted hundreds of tailored workshops and presentations.