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Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Short Courses


Effective counselling can change lives.  In the workplace, access to counselling can enhance employee morale, ability to cope with difficult people and tasks and increase productivity.  In the community setting, timely and meaningful intervention can help to rebuild broken relationships, and to avert the occurrence of societal ills such as abuse, violence and suicide.  Delivered by seasoned counsellors, our courses (beginners, intermediate and advanced) provide participants with the practical and theoretical toolbox necessary to make a real difference in the lives of others.

Workplace and Community Counselling Skills

Workplace and Community Counselling Skills

Effective counselling and psychosocial support can help vulnerable individuals past challenges such as stress, distress, planned violence, the breakdown of relationships, challenges, suicide and burnout. This course is designed to equip individuals who, as a consequence of community or work related roles, are often called on to offer emotional support, but have no formal training in mental health or counselling. You will take away a practical counselling tool kit, and be positioned to transition to advanced training in counselling.

‚ÄčMode of Delivery: Face-to-Face ONLINE