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Business and Data Analytics

Data Analytics using Microsoft Excel (Advanced)


This course develops expertise in the use of Microsoft Excel as an analytical tool for business decision-making. It builds on the knowledge gained in the intermediate Data Analytics using Microsoft Excel course.  Advanced/expert topics such as variability and its application to risk analysis, the construction and analysis of decision trees, and the use of probability will be critical elements of the course.

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face ONLINE

What will I Learn?

On successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use Microsoft Excel to perform statistical and other calculations
  • Recognize how samples are used to make inferences about a population
  • Use summary data to calculate risk
  • Explain how the shape of data affects probability
  • Use probability to construct and analyze decision trees

Who Should do this Course

Persons in any field, desirous of using the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Excel to drive business decision-making or, in the case of managers, to analyse solutions or reports presented for their consideration; those who would benefit from a closer look at the statistical methodology such as those in the fields of marketing and purchasing.

Important Information

This course has been offered at a special rate, CLICK HERE to view Terms and Conditions

At a Glance

  • Admissions Term: 2019/2020 Summer
  • Date: August 24th- September 3rd, 2020
  • Time: Monday - Thursday, 5pm-8pm
  • Duration: 2 weeks (24 hours)
  • Certificate Awarded: Professional Development Certificate of Competence
  • CRN: 30110
  • Course Code: PDLL123
  • CEUs: 2.4
  • Capacity: 20
  • Cost: BDS $1,920 (US $960) BDS $500.00 (US$250.00)

The following topics will be addressed:
  • Data and Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics – Tabular and Graphical Presentations
  • Descriptive Statistics – Averages and Risks
  • Descriptive Statistics - Measures of Distribution Shape, Relative Location,
  • Decision Analysis

Data Analytics using Microsoft Excel (Intermediate) or knowledge of Microsoft Excel functions would be an asset.

This course is formulated to be hands-on and extremely practical and will therefore be taught in a computer lab using examples, in-class exercises and practice cases that can be instructor created or suggested by delegates to coincide with their particular needs.


Annette Greene

Annette Greene came to Economics from a background in business administration.  She earned her first degree in Economics in 2004 and her Master’s degree in Financial and Business Economics in 2006 – both from UWI Cave Hill Campus and is now pursuing a doctorate in the area of transport.  She has been part of the Economics Department as a part-time tutor and lecturer since 2004.  She has also acted in the capacity of facilitator and E-tutor with the Open Campus and the Cave Hill School of Business and  as a Research Assistant at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute (SALISES) and now with the Department of Economics.  At present, she is lecturing in the MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain programme offered in the Department of Economics.

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