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Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

Postgraduate Modules

Medical Sciences

Health Promotion


This course provides a general overview of health education and health promotion, its principles, scope and practice through a determinants-based approach. It will stimulate awareness of the current global public health issues and the relevance of health promotion strategies to these issues.

​​Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face

What will I Learn?

At the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Discuss the underlying principles of health promotion and health education.
  • Discuss the difference between health promotion, health education and disease.
  • Explain what are determinants of health and their relevance to health promotion programs.
  • Understand the principles of problem and objective tree analysis and its use in developing a deeper understanding of current public health issues
  • Analyse present health issues in the context of health promotion and health education framework.
  • Understand the use of needs assessment models to diagnose health education and health promotion needs among individuals and groups.
  • Identify the main health education and health promotion strategies which can be used to promote healthy lifestyles among individuals and communities.
  • Recognise the role of learning and effective experiences in shaping patterns of health behaviour
  • Describe the process of designing, implementing and evaluating a health promotion program.

Who Should do this Course

Individuals who meet the entry requirements for postgraduate level training, who are involved or interested in gaining knowledge and skills in health promotion, including persons working in fields such as health, sports, education and government, who want to be able to identify the main health education and health promotion strategies which can be used to promote healthy lifestyles among individuals and communities.

Important Information

  • Applicants must bring all required documentation to the Department of Management Studies, Graduate Section, for their application to be processed.
  • Individuals applying for postgraduate modules, whose native language is not English, must take tests,  to demonstrate English Language proficiency prior to registration, as identified in the Manual of Procedures re: Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Degrees (Sec. 1, Para. 5).

At a Glance

  • Admissions Term: 2019/2020 Semester II
  • Date: Semester: 2 (January to May)
  • Time: Tuesdays, 3:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Duration: 12 Weeks (36 hours)
  • Certificate Awarded: Postgraduate Professional Development Certificate of Competence
  • Course Code: PBHE 6000
  • Capacity: 10
  • Cost: BDS $1,880 (US $940) {with assessment} ; BDS $1,600 (US $800) {without assessment}

This course builds on the theoretical information covered in social and behavioural science. The course topics include:
  • Introduction
  • Approaches to health promotion and health education
  • Caribbean Charter of Health Promotion
  • Health Promotion Strategies and Interventions
  • Health Education Strategies
  • Health Communication Strategies
  • The settings approach in Health Promotion
  • Using the health promotion framework

For entry into this course, applicants must have at least an undergraduate degree, or five (5) years relevant work experience. Applicants may also be asked to provide an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.

The course will be delivered in approximately 11 sessions of 3 hours each, using a combination of lectures, role-play, peer teaching, group work and presentations. 
Both lectures and discussions supported by printed and on-line resources will be used to present the course content. The course work, presentations and other group activities will allow course participants to apply the knowledge gained from the lectures. Course participants are expected to read to further their knowledge and understanding of the course content. 

Dr. Heather Armstrong/ Dr. Clemon George