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Health Management III (Human Resources for Health)


This course is designed to introduce delegates to the general concepts of human resources development with specific focus on the human resources management within the health sector. It will provide a general orientation to the subject matter where delegates will be presented with an overview of the situation of Human Resources for Health from global and regional perspectives. Delegates will therefore gain sound knowledge on topics including organizational development, health sector reform, strategic planning of human resources, and the identification of various functions and stakeholders of human resources management in the health sector.

​​Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face

What will I Learn?

Who Should do this Course

Individuals who meet the entry requirements for postgraduate level training including supervisors and managers of staff in the health sector, who want to lead change management initiatives in their workplace, who want to be able to use effective communication skills in building successful teams and relationships with peers and colleagues in various work settings, and who desire to use conflict resolution and negotiation strategies in solving/managing problems/issues in the workplace.

Important Information

  • Applicants must bring all required documentation to the Department of Management Studies, Graduate Section, for their application to be processed.
  • Individuals applying for postgraduate modules, whose native language is not English, must take tests,  to demonstrate English Language proficiency prior to registration, as identified in the Manual of Procedures re: Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Degrees (Sec. 1, Para. 5).

At a Glance

  • Admissions Term: 2018/2019 Semester II
  • Date: Semester 2: January to May
  • Time: TBA
  • Duration: 12 weeks (36 hours)
  • Certificate Awarded: Postgraduate Professional Development Certificate of Competence
  • Course Code: PBHE 6420
  • Capacity: 10
  • Cost: BDS $1,880 (US $940) {with assessment} ; BDS $1,598 (US $799) {without assessment}

The following topics/concepts/theories/issues will be addressed:
  • Introduction to Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Human resources management for organizational effectiveness
  • Organizational development and health sector reform
  • Human Resources Planning for the healthcare workforce
  • Organizational development and training in healthcare organizations
  • Performance management for the health sector
  • Health sector for human resources management
  • WHO HRH Action Framework and principles applied to the health sector
  • Motivating individuals to build effective teams within the health sector
  • Industrial relations: Issues related to conflict resolution and negotiation strategies within healthcare organizations

For entry into this course, applicants must have at least an undergraduate degree, or five (5) years relevant work experience. Applicants may also be asked to provide an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.