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Faculty of Law Library

Law Library Services


Photocopying and Printing Services

Registered students to the University are automatically given a printing account. To enable printing from any computer lab on campus the student must go to one of the issue desk staff, present a valid UWI ID card and put a minimum of $5.00 on to their printing account.  
The library provides a photocopying service at a cost of 25 cents per exposure. All users are expected to locate and copy their own material. Copying done by the Law Library for a non-member of the University, is charged at 40 cents per exposure. There is a 35% surcharge on photocopying for institutions and individuals outside the University.
Students who wish to copy can do so by adding funds to their student print/copy accounts. This can be done at the Law Library, the Campus Bursary or the Sydney Martin Library. Instructions on how to use the machines are posted next to the machines. An example of these instructions is listed below.

Photocopying Services - Non-UWI Users 

Photocopying services are available to Non-UWI users (local and overseas). First a photocopying account must be created with a minimum of Bds$200.00. The cost of copying and delivering materials (via fax, post or email) is deducted from this account. When the account is depleted to Bds$75.00, the account user is asked to provide funds to replenish/top-up the account.

How to use the EQUITRAC Machine 
  • Enter your UWI ID number and assigned password in the copier.
  • If the password does not work, please check with the Issue Desk for help, since re-entering an invalid password too often will cause a temporary shut down of the system.
  • Follow instructions on screen carefully.
  • When you have finish your photocopying press END. This is the F3 key. Please report any problems with the system to the Issue Desk. DO NOT attempt to fix problems.
NB: These instructions are also posted next to each machine.
Cashier points for Printing and Photocopying
  •  Bursary cashier
  •  Law Library
  •  Sydney Martin Library

Printing and Copying Charges
Printing from a computer 15¢ per exposure
Photocopying (students) 25¢ per exposure
Microfilm/Microfiche printing 55¢ per exposure
Photocopying (non-students) 55¢ per exposure

NB These charges are for both letter-sized and legal-sized paper


Microfilm/Fiche Service

The Law Library now has several of its serials titles in microform format, and as such the library provides a microfilm/fiche reader/printer service for its clientele. Copies can be made at a cost of 35 cents per exposure. All users are expected to do their own copying. The library staff will train users how to use the machine.


There is a book drop located next to the Law Library's entrance for returning material when the Law Library is closed. The book drop facility is closed when the Law Library opens at 9:00 am. Books would then have to be dropped off inside the Law Library before the deadline for returning books at 10:00 am.


Computers and Wireless

The Law Library is equipped with 22 computers for student use. Two (2) of these are primarily for catalogue searches. The others are for general use. UWI Cave Hill staff and students must obtain a user name and password from the Computer Centre to log on to the computers. There is a wireless network available throughout the Law Library and the University which will allow access to the University Network as well as the Internet.


Lockers are provided in the students' lobby and are available for a rental for Bds$10.00 per semester or Bds$20.00 per academic year (September - May). Students must remove their locks from the lockers by June 15 after the rental period, or the locks will be removed by the Law Library to facilitate any locker maintenance. (Please note: There is no reserving or prepaying for lockers