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Faculty of Law Library

Law Library Staff

Name Role Telephone Number
Professional Staff
Lt. Col. Junior Browne - BSc, LLB (Hons), MLS Officer-in-Charge 417-4250/51
Ms. Sheldine Greene - BSc. Man, MSc (LIS) Librarian II, Head, Public Services Division 417-4246
Ms. Waveney Webster - BSc. Econ. MSc (LIS) Librarian II, Head, Technical Services Division 417-4247
Administration and Projects
Ms. Anne-Marie Beckles Library Clerk 417-4249
Ms. Bernadette Grant Office Attendant 417-4248
Ms. Carol-Ann Wilkinson Office Attendant 417-4248
Mrs. Erene Knight Administrative Assistant 417-4251
Ms. Leeandra Gilkes - BSc Library Clerk 417-4253
Mr. Michael Griffith Library Clerk 417-4249
Mr. Terry Jones Office Assistant 417-4249
Technical Services (Acquisitions & Cataloguing)
Mrs. Janice Lovell Library Clerk 417-4248
Ms. Joyann Roach Library Clerk 417-4249
Ms. Natalie Bannister Library Clerk 471-4248
Issue Desk (Public Services)
Mr. Larry Craig - BA Library Clerk 417-4245
Mr. Nicholas Hunte - BA Library Clerk 417-4245
Ms. Phonsea Millington Library Clerk 417-4245
Ms. Stephanie Clarke Library Clerk 417-4245